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Anxiety/Sick ?

So for the past couple of days I've been having a tight chest and really bad blocked nasal passages. But I get the feeling sometimes that I can't breath. Which sucks.... it freaks me out. I was doing really good with my anxiety up until recently all of a sudden I started getting major anxiety attacks. I feel like I lose feelings in my hands like they cramp up and I start to panic does anyone have that feeling ? IDK ..... I just want this to go away ...

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Sound like ur fed up with it all ! So am I ! Know how u feel. But yes I do feel the same symptoms as u. Dont be sad that u have had a set back. Sometimes u will have good days and sometimes not... but its not ur fault not much u can do but manage it. I suppose one thing I am grateful for is I am alot stronger as a person. So maybe try and see positives from it.. stupid as that sounds. There is hope !! Keep going and gd luck x


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