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Test results back

So my doctor just called me they thought I had hyperperathyroid. Results came back negative. Which I'm happy about but here we are at square one again. We are now going to do blood tests to check my hormones and b12 level and magnesium.

I am still wondering if it could just be anxiety. My symptoms again are brain fog, lightheadedness, extremely tired all the time, vision gets weird, heart beats really fast at times. Doctor says I have tachycardia. My symptoms come and go and laying down helps me feel better.

Before my memstrual cycle it gets worse. I have hard time driving as my symptoms get worse.

I have problems sleeping during the night I wake up and can't go back to sleep.

I'm a mess.

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Sorry to hear you are still suffering. Certainly some of the symptoms you describe I get with anxiety. Have you tried some of the sites recommended on her such as a mindfulness site. Others seem to find it helpful. If you are getting blurred vision when you are driving is it safe to drive?

hope you get some answers soon.



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