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Rock bottom

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the site,

I've suffered from anxiety for a year now, Im 23 years old. Been out of work for awhile and my relationship with my boyfriend is on the rocks, I feel so alone, I stay home everyday, if I leave the house I feel ill and trapped:( I told my parents but they don't get it, my boyfriend of 4 years gets mad at me because I can't leave the house to do food shopping ect, he doesn't understand. My sister told me if I don't beat it, I'd end up in a mental hospital :( so I don't tell anyone about my anxiety anymore.

Although, im so glad I found this site, reading peoples symptoms and experiences exactly like mine, realizing im not alone.

I hope I can make some friends on here, im not having any luck or help with the people around me.

Bekki <3

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Hi bekki

First of all you are not alone in this :)

Have you been to the doctors about how you are feeling?

I'm a great believer in writing things down, it's a great way to clear your mind of all the negative thoughts.

I also do mindfulness, check out this another way to keep things calm.

Speak to your doctor about talking therapy such as cbt.

You are not mad and nor will you end up in a mental hospital.

You are you and just need a boost of happy :)

Have a look online about anxiety, maybe leave some leaflets on the subject to help your boyfriend understand.

You are not alone my love, keep talking on here.

Take care xx



I know what you are going through Im also 23 year old I knw its difficult for the people around to understand,But you have to make yourself strong and try to overcome,Feel free to text me may be it wull help


hi Bekki, your def not alone. It is hard for the people watching you because they just want you to be well. Really difficult to get them to understand. I totally know where your at with the whole not going out. I think one of our problems is we think it will never change because it seems to take hold of everything in our lives. There is a reason why you got to where your at. Def recommend seeing your doctor and get as much help as possible. It is out there and as much as I don't like outside, my therapist has been amazing. Been worth it to go and lets the people around you see your trying. But try for yourself first, thats important. I decided I don't want this but don't know how to get it away x Def get help. Here for you any time. Keep a diary also - I do that and sometime just show my doctor that as I don't always have the words when i go. x


Sorry you're feeling so bad. I've certainly had the same kind of experience. It's maddening because my logical brain can see that there is nothing to worry about, but my anxious side still can't relax.

I suppose the thing is, there are all kinds of risks in life. If you don't do things that are stupidly reckless, they're generally pretty small, but they are there. Anxiety has a way of latching onto one of the risks, and making it seem much bigger than it really is.

If you're not ready to talk to your doctor, you might find it helpful to read a bit about anxiety and cognitive behavioural therapy. It isn't a miracle cure, but it helped me understand that anxiety is illogical. The fact that I feel anxious about X doesn't mean that X is likely to happen.


I'm in the same boat as you. Nobody around me understands, and everyone also tells me that I'm going to be in a mental hospital if I don't get ahold of myself. Its very hard for me to go grocery shopping or shopping for my children. Normal does not exist in my life anymore. Everyday I feel like I'm going to die or I feel like I terminally ill. I feel better every time I come on here and see that I'm not alone. Hopefully, all of us together can share ideas that help us get through this.


Would def recommend going to see your doctor and seeing what they recommend. if you don't feel able to go out perhaps you could find an indoor hobby. I know some people on this site have taken up knitting others write. I personally read although i do go out every day as well.

hope you feel better soon.



hiya, of course we are all in the same boat here, hopefully we can provide you relief x


Hi bekki,

I can relate so much to your post. I'm also 23 and have just quit my job due to anxiety. I also find it hard leaving the house and completely understand the feeling ill and trapped. My main fear is that I will throw up I don't even like going on car journeys just in case. I have always had this fear but the anxiety has never hindered my life like it has the past year. I agree with others, go and see your doctor. I did and am finally getting some help. It's scary and I did not want to go but you will feel so much better afterwards. Each day is a struggle but there is hope.

Wish you all the best and feel free to get in contact.

Hannah x


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