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Going downhill again!!

Hi everyone well here I am again I seem to have my anxiety under some kind of control and then the smallest thing ramps it back up again,had a personal issue a few weeks ago which totally stressed me out but even though it's been sorted I always end up with weeks if not months of high anxiety,I suffered for about a week with heartburn which eased now I'm getting the sensation of a lump in my throat this comes and goes but when I'm eating and it's there I feel like my food will lodge so again ramps up my anxiety and then last night attempting to have a relaxing bath even though I'm always tense I came over all weird and it wasn't the heat of the water had to get out and sit for a while this left me feeling shaky and because I didn't know what it was it's left me feeling pretty low today,is it just the anxiety rearing it's ugly head again coz I know sometimes it can happen when you least expect it,I was put on propanolol 10mg at the start 6 tablets a day but felt drugged up,now I've getting down to 20mg a day from hard work but I'm thinking to I need to increase my dosage again maybe by one or two a day because I'm going round in a vicious circle and il end up scared to leave my home again,any response would be appreciated so much xx

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hi hun

dont mess around with your meds without talking to your gp

have you had any kind of counselling cos if you havnt you need to ask your gp to refer you


Hi ya sorry for my late reply,I've stuck to my guns and left my dosage alone,I seem to have good and bad days,the last few days I've been getting the odd palpitation which I ignore because I feel calm when it happens,it's like my anxiety is just reminding me it's still there,everyday is a challenge to beat this but I know I might never be myself again but if I can live with anxiety and control it without it controlling me then I'm happy x


you say you know you may never be yourself again and i would just like to say that happens to most of us

as we get older and have new experiences and obstacles in life we change and grow so dont look it as a negative look at it as a positive and create a better you x x x x


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