Starting up again 😩

I have been doing good for months now and even when I got some anxiety symptoms i just forgot about them and was fine have been having the best time with it recently until now 8 days ago I've been starting to get some symptoms that have intact been bothering me I've been trying to palm them of like I usually did but it's not working now I have been up the whole night with ches pressure chest pain my left foot going numb with pins and needles feeling like I can't breathe like I'm dying all again I'm not sure if I should get it checked again make sure it's nothing to serious as I haven't been to the doctors in about 7 months as I've been doing fine help!! 😭


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  • If this is because of your anxiety then you know that it's just in your head. Try to remember what you did before that helped you.

  • Thankyou x

  • You can do it. ☺

  • Hi Caitsxxx1,

    Jimatom offer good advice about using the ideas that worked before. I wonder if you can put your finger on something that has triggered the anxiety response again. Write "it" down and work through the problem until you come up with some solutions that are a fit for you.

    I have 3 things that I do to help calm me down - acceptance and mindful meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and relaxed breathing. If you haven't tried them before, the techniques are easy and worth learning :)

  • Thankyou I will try that xx

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