Okay so last week I was actually good for once like I was actually having fun again I had a little problems but it wasn't that bad... Today everything just went downhill I spent all day looking up my symptoms and constant worrying about my problems im not even sure how I feel like I feel like I want to panic but at the same time I'm calm... I don't even know what my emotion is right now like it's just blank... These are my symptoms as in right now

- My arms, legs, and head feel really light like as if I lost strength in them they just feel weak and light

- stomach bloating , rumbling, and growling

- a little loss in vision like it feels like it's slower and I can't seem to focus right

- last but not least weird movements. Like whenever I move I feel like I've never done that movement before and it feels weird

Someone help me !


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  • Ive been like this today as well. I was not to bad yesterday today i feel horrendous my body feels likes is got a burning sensation through it. My mouth is burning my stomach my legs hurt. My stomach is grumbling like ive not eaten. When i walk i feel like im bouncing

  • Does the bouncing feeling sort of feel like an Elevator sensation? I get that sometimes?

  • Yes it is its horrible :( i sway alot as well

  • Sorry im no help was just letting u know im in same boat

  • No you are help :) every little comment helps me a lot to be honest so it's okay :) I'm just so out of it today

  • You are freaking out right now I have had this before where I've felt like I don't remember my hands looking a certain way, did they always make that shape when I pick something up etc. we become so aware of our bodies that we notice things we never paid attention to before and think it is new or something is wrong.

    Try to relax tell your self I'm having a tiny set back today, anxiety has decided to visit but he will be gone tnrw and I will be better tmrw. Positive thinking I wish you well :)

  • Thanks ! I mean today was a really bad day for me but hopefully I'll get better ! Thanks tho :)

  • I spent the whole day yesterday identical.. know your not alone :)

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