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had loads of trouble with my landlord , i don't even know were to start, i'm trying to move but everyone wants a reference off my current landlord who is refusing to deal with myself or partner and wont do any repairs now. i have a blocked toilet and i just cant cope anymore. it was about 2 weeks after i started to call they refused to speak to me anymore. i get a bit hysterical on the phone but there trying to say its all my fault and telling me i'm wrong and i just cant deal with it. they have said 'm violent and aggressive and i'm not i just don;t know what to do, i've explained i have a personality disorder and there not listening. i find it hard enough to call in the first place without being shouted at by them on the other end. i've been to a solicitor , environmental health etc but there all taking too long.

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i was getting off the phone to them unable to breath and dry heaving, my doctor recommended i don't deal with them but my partner is useless at it


environmental health should act quicker if they know the toilet is blocked too.

have you a social worker or a mental health worker? maybe they could step in.

call your local council and ask for a number for an "advocate for vulnerable adults" - horrible title, but it is someone who will liaise with different agencies for you.

also, you could talk to the C.A.B. they might help you.




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