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changeover - Mirtazapine to Lexapro

Hi all, I generally have social anxiety but the past six months have had nasty panic disorder. I was on Mirtazapine (30mgs) but because of it making me put on 11kgs and making me too sleepy and my circulation go weird I lowered to (15mgs) a night on Sunday and started taking Lexapro (10mgs) every morning, I have to use both of these until I see my doctor next Friday. I have been feeling a bit sick in the tummy which brings on anxiety but I think most of the anxiety has been my brain making it worse from expecting this changeover to be rough, I hear some people come off Mirtz really bad? And trying new meds can make people suicidal? - Hannah from Australia!

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I say this to everyone, I've refused Mirtazapine for years and all other anti depressants simply swapping the aforementioned for a healthy diet and a daily fitness regime. The chemical effects on the mind from this alone has stopped me ever requiring medications that I feel doctors give out to easily..The problem isn't fixed by a tablet it's fixed by counselling and dealing with the source of the social anxiety in the first place.


Hay I took mirazapine for awhile and it makes ya gain weight and I'm not sure what the effects are coming off it I'm pretty sure bad considering what happend wen I went off them but the sister of cipralex is pretty helpful especially with anxiety it seems pretty harmless to me but I'm no doctor


Hi, I'm taking 15mg Mirtazapine in the evening. It has really helped me sleep but does seem to make me hungry as well. I have found whenever medication is changed I have a period where I'm very unsettled as the body gets used to it. But as I feel so awful anyway once I get over this the benefits of taking the meds make it worthwhile. Though I agree it is better to treat the anxiety by counselling if that is available to you!


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