Mirtazapine withdrawal

I quit mirtazapine 4 days ago due to horrendous weight gain, being self conscious the weight gain (around 2 stone in 3 months) began to make me feel more anxious and depressed. Yesterday i began to feel awful, im constantly nauseous and last night only slept for around 2-3 hours. I'm suffering horrible thoughts aswell, I do not want to continue mirtazapine under any circumstances due to the side effect but can't cope with this for much longer. How long am a likely to feel like this, can anyone relate to this, many thanks


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2 Replies

  • Did you quit cold turkey? You should always wean if psych meds really slowly! You may have to go back on to wean off so you don't have these withdrawal symptoms. It depends on the person how long they last. You should check with your dr to see what they say.

  • I did quit cold turkey yes, it's been 7 days now,first few were awful, I'm due to see my GP next week

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