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Mirtazapine withdrawal


Hi, Anyone used Mirtazapine here? i used it over a few months once twice a week only when my sleep was real bad on a very low dosage. Planned to stop this completely. Should i expect any withdrawal symptoms?

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I have it and use it as needed you’ll be fine coming off it. You haven’t taken it everyday for months at least that’s my understanding from your post. Why do you wanna stop taking it ?

Thanks for your Reply. Yes for example in the last two weeks taken maybe two 15mg tabs to sleep. I basically want to tackle my sleep issues without meds, exercise etc. was reading some horror stories.

I just started last night but my doc says it’s easy to come off of yet I read it can become addictive.

Hass1983 in reply to Starrlight

it depends really, i believe if you have are addictive by nature it will be, if not should be okay.

kenster1 in reply to Starrlight

for me star its anything but easy.

it has been said and I proved it that 7.5mg is better for sleep than 15 so less is more if you know what I mean

I was on it for months and came off it very easily but some say it is more difficult and there is a group actually elsewhere that says Mirtazapine should be made illegal

Oh nooooooo

still quartering my 45mg doze have been for months not easy to come off the longer you are on them.

Please be careful with these. Truly gave me one of the worst depressions ever-only took 7.5 for one month. Never helped sleep and made my anxiety 10x worse~

Starrlight in reply to Aptil

I’m seriously thinking of stopping it. This is day two for me. I don’t want the trouble. Why would my psychiatrist press me to take it? I’m pissed off. I told him my number of concerns and he tried reassuring me.

He wouldn't care, none of them do. My worry was that these ssnrs and ssris can cause osteoporosis and I already have it severely. It says in the list of side effects etc that Mirtazapine suppresses bone marrow.

Aptil in reply to Starrlight

I do not understand why antidepressants are prescribed for sleep either but I do know I reacted badly to them. My dr. Kept telling me to just keep at it because I had to wait for 4-6 weeks. By week 3 I knew it was making me feel simply wretched. I’m just explaining my experience with it-we are all genetically different. I wish you all the luck on your journey. Being well informed is half the battle in decision making. It was definitely not a simple drug for me~

Interesting, ye worked pretty good for me. I took 7.5 or 3.5 sometimes, gave me solid sleep. I dont think they are that bad, there is a lot of fear around it and exaggeration, as they say dont believe everything you read

kenster1 in reply to Hass1983

never slept for 2 weeks trying to come off them October 18 think it was.

Hass1983 in reply to kenster1

how long were u taking them for? soon as you stopped next night you couldnt sleep?

kenster1 in reply to Hass1983

taking them for years 45mg yeah week by week the doc lowered the dose last week on the lowest dose and week cold turkey absolute hellish.

Hass1983 in reply to kenster1

Okay, i hope your doing well now. what was the lowest dosage u went on 7.5? and u stopped sleeping

yeah 7.5 it must have been never slept that whole week hardly.

Hass1983 in reply to kenster1

okay, i found lower dosage quite sedating, i guess everyone is different. If it the med helps you then stay on it, live life. Curious so with the low dosage u would sleep how many hours a night

I feel like crap today after taking it for two nights. I think I’ll go off of it as I think it’s affecting my brain/mood badly! Oh and it’s not even helping with sleep! I’m so pissed at my doctor!!!

how many mg are u taking

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