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am i gonna die

i feel like im gonna die right now. i feel so much pain on both of my shoulder , pain inside my chest , cant think clearly . and feels like theres something inside my heart i feel some heat on the back of my neck , choking feeling.... tingling numb!!!! im going crazy ... if ever i die maybe its my time.

im so lost right now cant handle my self

it feels like a heart attack is coming

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Kali honey, I know how frightened you are right now and I'm sorry. Has a doctor seen you recently regarding these symptoms with your heart? It sounds like you are having a bad panic attack. I wish I could hold your hands and tell you it is going to be okay.

Do you have any medication you can take? What do you usually do when this happens? I want to help you. I care and I understand what you are feeling. I am hoping that it will calm down very shortly. I don't know if you are able to sit down right now and take some slow calming breathes, if you are, that will control what you are feeling. It sounds like you are overbreathing which is causing the tingly numb feeling as well as the heat on the back of your neck. You will be okay. Keep telling yourself that. This will pass. I'm sending you a hug and keeping you in my thoughts. xx


no i dont take any medicines . it feels like im gonna pass out anytime.. its getting worst everyday... all i can do is cry; coz no one knows about my illness . even my family doesn't knows about it.


You must get help b4 it gets worse! You need to see your family doc and let him know how u feel! Did this just start out of no where or have u had anxiety issues before? I pray you relax and sleep well, but u must get help! You sounded like u were hyperventilating! Breathing too hard and too fast! Please keep in touch and if it help we can chat!


years ago when i started feeling like there is something wrong in my chest. then one day i cant catch my breath. i thought im gonna die that time. doctors says its just a panic attack...

after that ive been suffer for only a week until i forgot about everything that happened...

after 2 years here i am again! anxiety hitted me again but now its getting worse.


Hi dear, you really need to see a doctor since it is getting worse everyday as well as feeling like you are going to pass out. It's not that

it can't be anxiety but you need to know what is causing this so that

you can get the help you need. Good Luck in setting up that appointment. xx


Hi Kalli yes it sounds like a bad panic attack! You have to try to breathe cleansing breaths! Breathe slowly in thru ur nose and out thru ur mouth! Wen u calm a bit maybe make a cup of tea or put the tv on or radio for a calm voice! I'm also sending u hugs! Take ur favorite blanket also and just breathe! Please let us know how u do??? Godspeed

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bad panic attak? why i feel diffirent ? why i feel some symptoms that ive never felt before like the heat and pain on the back of my neck and shoulder. my heart suddenly beat like its gonna pop up... then it goes out.

ive done an ecg test more than 3 times and some test. but why i still feel like there is something wrong in me. im so sorry guys for being weak


You're NOT weak! You can and will get thru this! Just try to concentrate on something other than what u r feeling! Do u work? Think about wat u will wear tomorrow or what u will do tomorrow! Also get a glass of water! Water has a calming effect on you! You just take small sips and breathe! Take your pillow or comfy blanket and lay down and try to rest! Let me know how ur doing! Also ask ur doc for something to calm u wen this happens! Be well my dear! How old r you?


thanks im 28 already. yes i have a work . im a lead guitarist in a band and vocalist , but that was before... coz after anxiety hits me. i can no longer step up onstage, im also a cellphone and computer technician but all this was ruined becoz of this illness


Wow I'm impressed! Music is the root to your soul then! Can you play some calming music and think about something u love to do! I'm so very sure you will be that person again! Read up on the success stories of many of us who have gone through this! You are the one in control no matter wat u may think! You must get involved with happy positive thoughts! Get a dairy and write things down! Maybe what you want to do or what ur thinking! Write this down and try to reach ur goal each day! It cud be something simple like going for a walk! Or eating good healthy food that day! Just something that's positive! I hope you don't think it's stupid! I've done this and it helped me to take my mind off things! I wish u well!


thank you so much... but now i cant even play my guitar for 5 mins . i dont know i feel like im not happy anymore is this normal? or there is something wrong with me.? i dont want to take a meds. i just want to fight all by myself without the help of medicine .although its hard for me . i wish oneday i wake up without all of this. thank u so much for comforting me. though i still feel something on my left chest . thank you


I've had arythmia problems and anxiety and both symptoms are similar. If you've been checked for heart problems and been given the all clear then it's anxiety and it's awful but not life threatening. Ask for help from your doctor I'm on 20mg of citalopram and am getting CBT counselling to help. Anxiety is not fixed over night but it's also not something you can fight alone. My doc said it's a chemical imbalance in the brain and the tablets help that while the CBT traces you coping skills. Start fighting back you will beat this I promise x


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