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Day after a panic attack?

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering how people generally feel after a panic attack. I had a panic attack last night. Not a hugely bad one, but bad enough. Today I feel quite tired and very, very spaced out. By that I mean foggy sort of headed, woozy when I walk, I cant concentrate or focus on anything well.. even crossing the road and focusing on cars was a challenge. Is this kind of feeling normal after a panic attack?

I live in hope that one day I will have a full understanding of this anxiety malarky!

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Hello! This is very similar to how I feel before and after a panic attack. I had one last night too, and today I'm feeling exactly the same - lightheaded, 'fuzzy head', dizziness, unable to concentrate. As unpleasant as it is, I find the best thing to do is to simply distract yourself. Tell yourself that it's just anxiety and accept how you feel, then try to focus on other things: talk to other people, make a phone call, clean your room/house. It may not get rid of the symptoms properly, but if you stop 'tensing' against them and stop trying to force yourself to feel normal then they should start to fade.

Keep yourself positive, look on the bright side, the feelings will go eventually! A positive mind can make you feel so much better!


Exhausted and must rest without feeling guilty


Hi! I'm so glad to have found this site :)

I do want to say that I'm not spamming, trolling, or anything of that nature. I have suffered from panic attacks for several years, and it inspired me to use panic attacks as a basis for research for one of my classes in my clinical Psychology PhD program. I do plan on being active on this site for support and to support others too!! My study has been designed to assess the relationship between panic attacks and any residual/lingering symptoms or impairment immediately after the panic attack itself has abated (referred to as “post-attack symptoms”). For those of you who experience panic attacks and have had one in the last 30 days, I want to invite you to participate in my research study as part of a course requirement for my PhD program at Alliant International University, Los Angeles. Your participation is completely anonymous and confidential. Please click on my link below to be directed to my survey. Also, please forward this link and description and tell your friends! I am very passionate about my study because I have had post-panic attack symptoms that no one seems to address in the medical and psychological field. I want to change that. I want people to know that panic attacks are more than the attacks themselves. It's the residua effects that can be difficult to deal with as well. My goal is to raise awareness to this phenomena and help others cope with the problems that come with it.

Thank you!


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