Fear of dying

Does anyone else have this constant fear of dying?? I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm always afraid I'm going to have a sudden brain anurism. Or a stroke. Or a heart attack! What is wrong with me?? It consumes me so much sometimes it's just unbearable and throws me into a panic attack. The worst part is I'm a hairdresser. People come in all day long and tell me such scary stories! And then I find myself obsessing over it. I've done therapy since 7 yrs old. I'm now 34. I've been hypnotized three times. And medications just don't work for me. I don't know what else to do. I try the positive thinking thing but the more I think about it the worse the fear gets! Do I sound ridiculous or what? That's the worst part. I know it's irrational and ridiculous


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  • Dear Aliciag, It's not irrational or ridiculous. We all tend to think about dying from time to time. It's when it becomes an obsessive thought then it is harmful in that it doesn't allow us to live each day to the fullest. Since nothing seems to have worked for you involving mind thought change then you will have to use muscle therapy. Walking, getting out, having a goal to reach everyday no matter how small. Remember we are all in this together. Embrace each day so that when the time comes you will not have any regrets. Life is a gift and that is why it's called the "present". We have to try and not worry about something we cannot control. As for the scary stories you hear day to day, you can express your sorrow but let it go in one ear and out the other. It's for your own sanity.. Be well my friend. x

  • You or your thoughts are not ridiculous or irrational. Like you every day I'm googling symptoms and also feel like I'm going to die of an uncontrollable illness. I can't get excited or happy about future things anymore like I used to (starting a career buying a house having children) because I don't feel like I'm actually going to be here to experience these things. When people tell you stories they are sad and they are scary, but it's also not happening to you or your life at this current time. I know these things are easier said than done but we have to try and remain in the moment and not stress about the past or future.

    Have you tried self help books? The happiness trap by Russ Harris is good for looking at life from a different perspective.

    All the best xxx

  • Thanks so much guys!! I absolutely love this little community. I'm so happy I found it! I guess I just have to keep going. We all do. What will be will be right?? Lol 😏

  • :)

  • I could have written most of that myself apart from I'm not a hairdresser or as young as you . But the fear of stroke etc oh yes I have that . I always thought I was not scared of dying but the process or not dying and being in a vegetative state . Now I think I need to accept that I am just plain scared .

    Medication didn't do anything for me either . Therapy doesn't really help I understand the process but just don't seem to follow through with anything. I want instant results and get dissalusioned when they don't happen and give up .

    Take care I hope you find some answers

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