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Hi everyone well I thought I was back on the right track after finishing hypnotherapy,I've been doing so well even though I battle trust and confidence issues,however my fiancé has went back to work overseas for 2 months and I've come across something that says he is messing about behind my back,it's put me so far back and I won't have any communication with him till maybe next week,feel so low and just want to stop being hurt by others.x

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Hi don't get hurt by year say please until u find out yourself that if he's been a naughty man then act but don't get hurt by other peoples gossip cause it will just destroy u in side and iv gad it done so many times :-( but trust me just don't listen to it un till u have proof (YOURSELF) ok if he's guna cheat he will do just do it ! But look out for old behaviour from him or envything he don't really do with u what ever it maybe ! But don't stress or panic over it please ! Hope u feel better soon :-)


Michael always here for support & advice if needed ok .....


Thanks for replying I've actually seen proof as he left his email account open on my iPad and I found he's been linked to chatrooms,I'm more hurt coz he knew my ex husband did that to me and it's making me feel useless as a woman in general,but it's not my fault that he's doing that and I refuse to take the blame,can't decide do I go it alone or throw away nearly 7 years with him x


Anxiety and depression ! is the key here Relationship advice ! Well when he says he loves u ! He must not if he's on chat rooms chatting to other women ayyy but I'm not here to judge just to support ! but waigh up the pros and cons how long has He done it for and how long will he do it for ? But as I said look for any changes in him or wired activity that he would not do Around u in general ! Yes don't never blame your self or let your self get down about it ok I would confront him and tell your do I want to carry on living like this ??? Bet it's made paronoide aswell ? Bless you dont put up with please ok act on your gut instinct what to and what's right for future with him !

I'm only 23 but I have been through all of this with girls if I get inkling as to my girlfriend has been cheating there's I don't need an explanation cause they gave a good enough one to say I'm (GONE IM OFF GOODBYE) cause that just shows they don't love you or care about u ! Even if they do it once ! Once a cheat always a chest in my eyes ! Cause u have suffer :-( so think about it very carefully ok remember it's your future in the balance !

Thanks Michael always here friend ...

Are u in the uk ???


Hi ya yeah I live in newcastle with my two sons,he's the most generous man I want for nothing but it's like he has a different side to him I have emailed him about what he left on my iPad but until he gets comms I'm just sitting waiting and thinking I've done wrong when I know I haven't,it's just ramped my anxiety back up again and I can't let him drag me down if he can't stop hurting me x


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