Im starting to think I might be a little depressed I feel happy then sad beacuse I can't leave my house my friends come visit for hours and I just wish they could stay longer I hate being alone but I dont want anyone to feel like a prisoner like I do does anyone know or been through this and had certain symptoms of depression im not sure if I am or not thx lulu


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  • Hi Lulu . I can sympathise with you not being able to leave the house . My friends used to 'pop in' and no don't bother . I am very isolated and find it very hard to talk to people now . Where I'm going with this is ... Be very thankful that you have 'true'friends who care enough to come and visit . On a practical note , try and go out in someone's car and re connect with the world outside . Depression sucks , keep posting xxx

  • Hi lulu, Yes this is a sign of depression. I am very lonely because it is hard for me to go out. You are lucky your friends come over. I find it difficult to get my self ready and the house ready for friends to come over.Also, my husband is not very sociable and doesn't care for people much. He is retired and just stays on his computer all day. I hope you will be able to get out more soon. We went out yesterday to movie and dinner. But, I want to go out with friends again. My friends have kind of abandoned me sense my anxiety and depression has kicked in. Gotta find some new ones. But hard to do that still with the nerves. Don't give up, I HAVEN'T! hugs, Ileen327

  • I know how you feel these problems are truely showing me who cares for me I thank god I have family and friends to be here for me im truely thankful and I will keep fighting hang in there you dont need people who dont care much jn your life anyways :) we care here about each other but I know how comfortable kt is to have visitors actual people at your house god bless be well keep us updated!

  • Hi any one suffer pains in head all over head .. 24/7 also get down left side face teeth not sure anixerty to not ... do suffer with it ... like sone u want go out ... sgajes bad ferling losein my mind .. it worrys mealso get pins and neddles in arms legs xx sure awful thing makes ne feel ill not sure any one feel ill to just me as worry in all time x x numb

  • Hi lulu , i truly believe once we have admitted to outselves about our feelings & depression it's a step closer to us getting help/better. I could say I have depression , I had thyroid problem had medication gp not understanding my feelings., side effects , worseninv of anxiety awful , not gone out , done anything I usually did do , I loved dressing nice going out for a meal with girls getting my hair done planning holidays , I have had the worse year for to my anxiety / health issues. I do have a partner & lil 2.5 yr old so not easy , but when at worse its nice to cuddle up to them , but it can also feel alone , at the mo I feel sick have headache , neck ache it's awful. But I really want to get me again step by step it will take time give yourself time do whatever makes you feel happy I have to at the mo to get through xx big hugs always here x Binkynoo xx

  • EXACTLY! Im 23 I used to be such an outgoing happy person always tried to look my best then I got diagnosed with svt and my anxiety shot through the roof and Yes when I have a horrible day my husband is the first person I want to see and cuddle and him rub my back I hope me and you both can get better and back to our old selfs !! :) keep me updated or if you ever need to talk im here!!

    God bless lulu

  • I been having depressed since one year ago cause of my ex idk because i dont no if she cheat it on me or she never gived me a reason y she broked up with me than i start it feeling kind of wired like in a lonely place that i never have experience depression is a seriouse thing i still goin through it and if you whole yoyrself from god god will take you away from all that im only 20 but idk i guesscim strong enough because i been stress out for atlease 3month consistently stress out and that because of the same thing depress and allso i have anxiaty that makes it wrost i dont desetve no one to go through what we the people that have depression do but you no i guess we have to look at positive thing rather then beeing on the negative may godbless you each day and hope every one that reads this to see that you still have people that care and love you

  • My dad die from a strock 4 yeards ago and he had a heart attack i wascthinking to much about if that could happend to me or something like that but i guess that thouse thinks comes natural you dont have to worry about heart attack or diseas because only god have the last words in life allso i worry every single freaking day i worry about a million thinks at obe and im young to but like sometimes you just caint help it and when u feel good you feel like wth this is wrong so when u feel bad is like ughh i wanna feel good so its like a reversal kind of thinks but remember anxiaty can be. Problem of thinking about heart diseases trust me the mind is powerfull but only god nows what each and everyone of us are goin to die of so keep in mind that that aint goin to happend hope this helps lulu91 if u want you can write on my page and tell me how u feel i like to learn more about your situation to see how i can help (: .

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