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Just getting use to things

So I started to have panic attacks about a year ago but the anxiety has only been going on for a few weeks.. It started to happen when I was going to sleep.. I didn't want to tell anyone because I felt stupid at first but it started to happen through the day. I could be with my friends and this overwhelming feeling will just come over me and my body will go into fight or flight mode this can last up to a couple of hours. I told my family about it on Tuesday because everything got too much for me to handle.. yesterday we went to my GP and he has sorted councilling out for me. When I finally told my family about it and accepted that there was something wrong with me, it got a lot worse. Today has been a good day though. I have been doing things all day to keep my mind busy, I only fell into that feeling in the morning and I put my headphone on and listened to this soothing app and it really helps to calm me down. I just want to know am I getting use to it or do you have good and bad days?

Thanks guys!

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Hi Natasha and welcome to the site.

We all get good days and bad,you can learn what can trigger the anxiety and panic attacks,you seem to be finding ways to cope.

Counselling helps,keeping yourself busy,and calming apps all help.

There are several ones you can,Mindfulness,Headspace and also some books are available on amazon both in print and kindle.

I also find walking helps me,or other forms of exercise can be useful.

Hope this helps. Stay strong and best wishes Anne xxx

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You will get used to it. Which is good but kind of bad because it just sucks in general. Bad and good days exist, i am constantly anxious everyday and the feeling gets hard to handle on some days more than others. The good days are when i have enough strength to push through the horrible feelings. Keep busy, i try to stay in and it makes me more depressed and anxious. Going out is hard for me but definitly takes your mind off of things just alittle bit. Goodluck!


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