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Well I haven't had really bad anxiety for almost a whole week and bam it hits me out of nowhere. I was playing minecraft and I started feeling it coming and it wouldn't go away. I feel like im about to die. My head is getting all hot and im super tired. Ughh this is crap. I really thought I was starting to cope with this. Can anymore help me talk myself out if this

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hi megs, hopefully by now you will be feeling better.

do you practice breathing techniques to help you relax?

or listening to some relaxing music, relaxation or mindfulness tracks?

take care,

hamble :)


Its okay! That doesnt mean you arent recovering! Your body is so used to sending out stressors, it can happen at any time, at any severity. Do NOT let this get you down. This is actually a good sign. Its learning not to react that gets this crap gone. Accept you had bad anxiety but keep going. Its so so so normal. It doesnt just stop for anyone. Its a process.


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