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Anybody out there :-)

Hi not sure if anyone is awake at this hour it is probably just me just needed to chat I last posted earlier and thought I would try to sleep without taking a sleep tablet I have just kinda woke from awful nitemares really uneasy , people after us & being chased by awful dogs I know I wasn't fully asleep bit gosh I need a cuddles partner & boy are asleep! Iv just made myself a chamomile & honey hot drink I'm so shaky , anyone ever had nightmares I never normally get them :-( binkynoo

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Binkynoo, hope you are feeling better and having sweet dreams. I have had horrible nightmares from time to time... chamomile tea helps me a lot too. Hang in there, all will be well...... eventually... Prayers and good thoughts, Tamra


Hi i am awake if you need to talk. I used to be that way to i had a hard time sleeping right now i am choosing to stay up but i know your pain


Hi, Binkynoo -

Yes,I occasionally get really ferociously disturbing nightmares. But they are not

nearly as bad or as often, like when I was younger ........ Thank goodness !

Guess I will go and make a cup of chamomile tea, too. Thanks for planting the

idea in my head !

Sweet dreams, my dear.



Thankyou Soo much for your words guys , just laid awake most of night trying to figure out why my body won't sleep , I chose not to take a sleepi g tablet I want to try natural it didnt work on well , I'm at work today later this morn it's a goodjob I love my job , feel very edgy though & nervy tummy , I must try eat well & drink plenty of water fluid today & maybe that will help. Big hugs to all of you my friends have a good day. Binkynoo:-)


Binky, i got trouble to sleep last night too. I finally falling sleep at 2 am when I started meditate breathing slow in and out and telling myself no worries about anything, and at a point I breathe the same way when I wake up in a deep sleep.

I had been do that lately to put myself on sleep, I sometimes thinking about my grandfather who loves and carrying the most about me. Just think about the people who loves and cares for me, I feel the love and peaceful falling sleep.

Hope it helps a little.

Good lucks


Sorry to hear about your nightmares, bless you!! I think you could try deep breathing and tell yourself good things when you wake up out of a bad dream such as 'this dream will not happen, it's only a dream', 'good things will happen to me and my family, this dream won't take place in reality', 'something good is around the corner', 'I won't let this dream shake me, I will be strong and bold and have a good sleep'. You could also record yourself speaking good things that you could listen to in bed. You could also watch videos, or message a friend or watch a movie if you feel really uneasy. Also try sleeping at a set tome each night, and avoid things like cheese, chocolate, coffee or heavy meals after 8pm. You are never alone, we are all hear for you :-) xx


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