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So, i have been struggling soo much with depersonalization. I used to only get seconds of it, but now its more ofteb. Here are my symptoms:

-Feeling spacy

-I will walk somewhere and cant believe my body is doing it

-Sometimes my house feels strange

-I feel invisible

-I feel like just a pair of eyes

-sometimes I feel like I am just body or mind

-I want out of my head

I had three days of full blown panic because I worry I will wake up and not remember who I am. I love my family so much and want to spend time with them, but if I start to wonder if I will forget them,I start to cry.

Is this something else or stemmed from anxiety?

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Hi this is a very unpleasent symptom of intense anxiety. I have had it myself and it is horrible and so my heart goes out to you. When your anxiety goes down it tends to ebb away. It is very common. When I had it the first time few yrs ago I didn't know what it was and was very afraid I was going mad and found it very difficult to explain to people.

But lots of people have had it and it is something the brain does to protect you from intense stress. It's an am automatic shut off switch in the brain that kicks off when it is triggered by our body's anxiety symptom. It is also a side effect of some meds so it is worth a trip to your GP if you haven't done so already to discuss your symptoms.

Sending loads of hugs your way. These horrible feelings will go away.



I have never taken medications for this, so it would be anxiety. Nor have I ever smoked.

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Hi okay then it is your anxiety . Please don't give up hope and keep posting here and think about making an appt with your GP.


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I dont have a GP. I went to the doctors a month ago and everything was good. I really dont want to go to the doctors all the time because something new feels wrong, you know?


I have this sometimes too it has to be the worse symptom of anxiety. When I have it it is usually very intense and either happens during a panic attack or on it's own triggering a panic attack. It is the scariest thing I have ever experienced. Very troubling as well as hard to describe.

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