Derealization and baby number 2

So I've been struggling with derealization every since my first was born and now he's 1 and I just found out I was pregnant again recently and I'm so stressed now my anxiety is high derealization 10x worse every thing looks so weird and I feel So stressed and alone like I really need someone to talk to! I'm so scared that everything will just get worse with this baby :(


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  • Aww sorry you feel like this, I get it a lot and it's awful, do you get any other symptoms? When your pregnant everything seems so much worse because of your hormones, are you having any therapy? I was a nightmare when I was pregnant! Mines flared up again quite badly since around 2 and a half years ago

    Hope your feeling better x

  • Yes I get other but this is like the worse one and it's 24/7 ! And no I'm not in therapy it's hard to find someone that knows about this from where I live:( and so you've been through this before?

  • Yes I had my first child 8 years ago and I started with anxiety and panic after my second child and he's now 7, I was in such a state with each pregnancy, I had some cbt therapy 4 years ago and I was a lot better, but it all flared up again, and now it's like I'm back to square one, I get all kinds of horrible symptoms, derealisation is also a big one for me, it's like I'm an observer watching tele or something, it's wierd! I also get dizzy, aches and pains, feeling like I can't breathe, really my list is endless!

    Have you tried getting any help from your gp? Tried meds etc

    X x

  • I'm sorry your struggling too and I'm scared to take medication really and I know how u feel some times I just wanna break down and cry have you tired the therapy this time around?

  • I'm not, nor have I ever been pregnant but I do have derealisation 24/7 and it gets WAY worse right before and during my period. I'm convinced derealisation can be caused by some hormone problem, but the doctors say it's just anxiety causing it. The funny thing is, the derealisation came first. Hope someone can figure this out.

  • Yes this is how it was before I got pregnant again, with the periods and it would get so much worse! How do you cope with the Dr ? Mine is 24/7 too

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