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Just a wink

Hi everyone , and anyone up at this hour , I'm havi g Nitemare sleeping first nite in a few days , without taking a zolpriclone sleeping tablet. Cos Iv just started anti dizziness tablets , feel Soo tired & panicky tonight, about 1am I was laid on sofa with a choc milk & was just dropping off when realised I had milk jerked & it went everywhere , so not amused cleaned up come up bed & can't sleep at all:-( , really don't wanna take anything I want my body natural now , I am also on thyroid medication so I think it's a bit if everything :-( but no sleep the worst.

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Hey Binkynoo

You sure are having a rough time.

How are the anti dizziness meds working for you? Have you been getting any sleep?

The past few days I've felt off n on weak really weak lightheaded felt like passing out numb arms and hands. This is making me absolutely crazy and I don't know how to deal with it anymore :(


I am glad you you got up and wrote to us. Sometimes it helps just to put your

frustrations in writing and know that many if not most of us understand your plight.

Don't you feel just a little better after doing that ? If you feel like it now, go and lie down knowing we understand. I want to know how you settled down, so I hope you will write

us in the morning. Nice, slow, big deep breaths, now. You are calming down, I just

KNOW it.


In Minneapolis


Hi Binkynoo

Sounds like you've got hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid) - hence the sleeplessness/over activity/raised libido?? The nightmares however are probably unrelated and have a more psychogenic origin. Were you beaten with a purple hippo as a child, or not given seconds at school dinners? ... Zoplicone can be quite addictive so beware. Sleeplessness is not a killer but very debilitating. You probably only need 4-6 hours sleep in a 24hr period so try not to worry. Hope you feel better and less worried soon. :-)


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