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Going crazy

So about 5 months ago I was diagnosed with mono & panic disorder. My mono hasn't gone away yet, some days worse than others. And I'm also taking 10mg of prozac for my anxiety. Recently I feel as though my symptoms are getting worse, shortness of breath, dizziness, EXTREME fatigue, just not feelig right at all. And for these 5 months its has caused me so much stress because I feel as though I have some sort of fatal illness other than mono.. Just this past week I've been forgetting to take my Prozac, only taking it here and there so I'm not sure if that is why my symptoms are getting worse or what. I'm kind of freaking out right now and Idk if this sounds stupid but I'm convinced I'm gonna die soon. With all of my symptoms going on this long I just feel like the time is coming especially these past few days, I foolishly looked up the symptoms of near death and i have almost all of them :( I'm just really stressed and scared, no matter how much someone tells me I'm fine I just can't get it through my head. Someone please help

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I know how you feel. I myself been changing medication just about every week or two looking for something that will help my anxiety. I have light headed/Dizzy 24/7 and had it for the last 2-3 months. I also have lack of air mostly feel like is coming from my chest and the only medication that helps a little is xanax. I have been taking .5 xanax once daily just to get 3-4 hours relieve from the lack of air and light headed. Doc put me on divalproex sodium 250mg ER twice daily 13 days ago but so far I have not seen any difference so basically I depend on the one dose of xanax I take daily to feel hallway human. Doc doesn't want to increase xanax dose and the highest I ever been was twice daily .5 even if the Doc wanted me to take it 3 times daily. Yes, Just like my Doc I do not want to get addicted to xanax. But he doesn't want to give me anything that is a sedative as well and I'm very sensitive to medications so options are limited right now. In my case this all started some months ago when I was diagnosed with HBP, IBS, C-Sinus, Nerve damage hands and feet and COPD mild (X-Ray). Yes, all 5 within 4-5 months one after another. So far I have been able to control my HBP and I'm taking the lowest dose possible and still getting really good BP, My IBS is under control with no medication, C-Sinus under control as well, Nerve damage after taking medication for 4 months I realize I actually didn't need any medication and pain has been gone for 5+ months with no medication and the long specialist and allergist did 3 test on my longs and came out with flying colors. But, I still feel the lack of air from my chest so I requested another X-Ray which I should have the results within 24 hours. Is not easy to feel dizzy, pressure on your head (not sinus pain) with lack of air 24/7 but if the COPD comes out good I will feel much better knowing is not that and maybe try to control this anxiety so I can feel human again. So my advise to you is the same for myself. Don't give up and if is not an actual illness then is up to you to control it, or at least try with a little help from medications. btw, you need to follow instructions on the medications at least until you feel better. Once you feel better then you will have more options. I know I wasn't much help, but at least you know you are not alone. ;-)


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