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Worst feeling in the world fuck anxiety everyday since Halloween of 2012 (I've been sober since then) I've been dealing with this its no exaggeration I swear everyday I feel like Ima die everyday I feel like Ima have a heart attack everyday I feel like Ima have a stroke everyday every night I have heat flashes rapid heart rate I get dizzy I feel confused I start to stutter and slur my speech my face goes numb nd I feel like at that moment I'm done. I feel like this even when I'm with my boys chillen laughing its only a front to forget the feelings I'm having I would do anything in the world to feel normal again. It's a fucked up feeling when your parents, sisters, family, friends,girlfriend all think you're exaggerating they think its cause I don't do anything about it but its not that I've done everything from workouts and diets, to ignoring it doesn't work . they say its all in your head buts to not think about it but its like trying to make a new color its impossible. I'm sorry this is long but I'm having an attack right now @3:30 am nd I needed to let this out to try to focus on writing this instead of my attack that's why it's long.

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fuarkkk man I know how you feel hey, I'm also 20, and I've been sober from alcohol and other stuff too since few months ago. for me it was the use of drugs that really started my anxiety on my heart.

also scared shitless of a heart attack and anything related to the heart, and no matter what I do, who I'm with, it doesn't get much better. you're not alone.

stay strong, you've been able to deal with it for so long, just think positively and look at how far you've come from it. it's been 2 years for you now? you'll push through it.

slow deep breaths!


Hi :-) it's horrid I think most of us would give most anything to feel normal again ...we forget what normal is and when we do have a good moment, hour, day we dong realise because it all roles into one :-( you write as much as you like :-) think being on here helps lots of people


Have to go to doctor and explain.....if short term meds are required take them.......I fought for 30yrs as I could do it alone......wasted time as now on low dose meds and life is of luck.x



I get what your saying everyday its something dreadful right it feels so real and then to have those people around u saying to relax and that its all in your head, yes I get that but when its happening it doesn't feel that way.

and putting a front exterior that you are happy and getting through this its exhausting physically. and don't know about you but you start looking at your fam and friends like if they cared about you they should know you are not doing well and ask you how you are doing.

I hope we find something that helps us soon, stay strong




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