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Scary intrusive thoughts


I'm tired of these thoughts! i try to not react to them with fear but its hard not to. My mind just keep telling me something bad will happen,or either myself or a family member will die soon. I feel scared.

I feel so much fear. And i can hardley breath.

any help?

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Hey rushaine,

Did something trigger all that? Can you pin point where all of this started... I have those thoughts too sometimes... But only about myself not others... Try to take deep breaths breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth pinching your lips like if you'd whistle do that 5 times and then try to do something you like and can change your mind... Drinking hot beverage can also help like tea but nothing with caffeine just relax everything is gonna be alright and remember you are not alone... Keep posting too :)

Hi wrote "these thoughts" now think about it...that's all they are "thoughts", get a piece of paper and write them down, no matter how obscure you may think they are put them down on paper, getting them out of your head can make all of the difference...try to break the cycle, thought then adding fear, I know it is really hard believe me I have been there many times but when they come into your head try and let them then say "your only a thought, your not going to harm me now go away"....Listening to affirmations is an excellent way of dealing with scary thoughts as when they come on get up You Tube if you can and look up affirmations for anxiety etc and listen to them they start replacing all the negative thoughts, try doing this daily it does work...Have you had a family trauma of late or anything major changed in your life? Take Care Dee x

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Not trauma,bt doc said stress triggered the panic attack. i'm on the panic away and slowly recovering but i get scary thoughts and feelings of dying.which is what i fear the most.

Hi sorry to hear you are feeling like this? Have you spoken to your gp? If not I would go and have a chat you don't need to suffer there is a lot of help out there and things that can be done to help take care and good luck

I'm sorry your suffering, It's horrible I know, and exhausting. I suffer with it a lot myself, wear an elastic rubber band around your wrist, and flick yourself hard when it gets to much for you to bare,, it helps! It sends pain signals to your brain and can interrupt those thoughts like a short circuit. Also all of the above replies advice will help, i hope you get relief soon.

thanks :)

i dont get attacks that much...

i'm doing good,just the thoughts.

I hate to sound like a cynic, but for me—and I repeat, this isn't really advice, but it's about what's worked for me—the physical aspect of this totally overwhelms the psychological / mental / emotional. There are all kinds of jedi mind tricks, meditation techniques, and what not—but unless you have the patience and the strength that I don't, substances do it for me. Legal stuff that my MD can prescribe, and things ranging from muscle relaxants to Kava to Valerian and lots of Indian herbs you can find online.

When I discovered it was all physical, I was kind of angry with my brain... if you know what I mean.

Intrusive Thoughts ?* EVERYBODY Has Had Them At Some Time Or Another Even If They Don't Have An Anxiety Disorder. If They Say They Haven't They Lie. Everybody Gets Attacks Of "Intrusive Thoughts". Those Thoughts YOU Can't Believe Crossed Your Mind. The Ones You Would Never Tell Anyone You Had. EVERYTHING You Have Ever Experienced, Heard, & Seen Is "RECORDED" From The Very Day You Are Born. Your Mind Will "Recall". But YOUR Mind Will Put YOU In A Situational Thought. Why ? It's YOUR Mind. We Live In A World That's Good. But There Is The Flip Side Of That Coin Which Is Evil. Heck, You Watch Your Local News & You Are Filled With Horrific News Reports Of Murders, Abuses, Acts Of Insanity, & Much More. [ not counting scary movies, & stories that require your imagination to decipher situational conditions whether they be good or bad. ] Let's Say You're Out In A Public Place. You Didn't Sleep Well or/ You Are Having Some Anxiety Or Something Physical That Doesn't Feel Right. You Feel Kinda "Out Of Control" Because You Can't Just Make It Go Away. Then ? Here Comes An "Intrusive Thought". Fear Sets In Immediately. You're Like, "Where Did That Come From" ?* "How Could I Think Such A Thing" ?* Well ? "ALL THE ABOVE". If You Were Born In A Bubble World & Nobody Ever Told You, You Can Choke To Death On A Apple Seed ? It Would Never Cross Your Mind At All. The Fact That It Bothers You Is A Good Thing ! You Have A Conscious . I Hope This Helps In Some Way My Friend. Prayers For Ya~*

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