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panic attacks with intrusive thoughts.

hi all, have been talking to my wife about her intrusive thoughts which cause her to have panic attacks, I clicked on a website which break it all down with ways to combat them, I have found the site very helpful in explaining to my o/h, hope it helps. panic-anxiety-attacks .com love jasper xxx

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Hi jasper, thank you. I'll definitely have a look. Your wife is very lucky to have a supportive husband like you:)

my very best wishes to you both



thank you trying, hope it helps in some way, love jasper xx


Hello Mr & Mrs Newton :-)

Sorry that Mrs Newton suffers with these intrusive thoughts , I know how distressing they can be !

What a star she has in a husband like you though ,you are one in a million how you take care & support her :-)

I have written down the name of the site & will be having a look , thank you for sharing it with us :-)





thank you whywhy, love always


Thank you for sharing this website with us :) xxx


its a pleasure, just hope it helps someone. take care.xx


How nice of you to write a post with this information for us. I'm sorry your wife suffers and you are obviously so supportive and understanding bless you. I hope you've both had a good day. Best wishes. X


thank you kimmie, nice to hear from you, hope you are well. xx


Hi Mr Newton

It's really thoughtful of you posting details of this site, perhaps we could start a post of sites people have found useful?

Jules x


hi jules, I think you are right, if even one of the sights work for someone it would have been worthwhile. take care xx


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