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Running out of options? Best medication?

Hi guys, hope you're well :)

Just as things couldn't get any worse from my previous post, they have :(

The anxiety is at an all time high to the point where I panic when leaving the house, I feel completely house bound really, I manage to go to my boyfriends or my nans but other than that I just panic. I had a panic attack in the doctors surgery on Wednesday as a lady noticed I looked 'like a ghost' and started fussing, before I knew it I had doctors and all the patients in the waiting room surrounding me which made it 10 times worse :( I know the lady was just trying to help but dear me it was awful, especially as I had ill kids surrounding me (made my emetophobia sky rocket).

Basically I can't do anything anymore, I can't go to the shop, just anything at all. I'm really struggling to eat, at all, because my anxiety is so high too and now my boyfriends mother is trying to tell me I'm anorexic (she doesn't understand the emetophobia properly) which is making things worse. She also said I wasn't allowed round unless I ate with them yesterday and I was having a horrible day so I really didn't want to. I ended up not going moping around the house alone yesterday evening :/ no help!

Basically my question is whats the best thing for me to do, it really has got to the point where I feel like ive tried everything (CBT, hypnotherapy, reiki healing, multiple meds). I've had to resort to lorazepam the past few days which I'm gutted about. I'm still taking ranitidine for my stomach too.

My mum said the best thing to do is for me to go to the doctors on Wednesday and ask for another SSRI and stick with it, because she thinks I really need to be brought back up 'on a level' but I'm so frightened of the side effects (mainly nausea and vomiting) making the anxiety worse. I know its only temporary but it was awful with citalopram last time :(

Just wondering which SSRI's have worked for you and that you're happy with? I've tried citalopram, sertraline and propranolol so far. Also things like kalms, rescue remedy etc. The citalopram made me way too tired (took for 6 months), the sertralines side effects were unbearable so I couldn't persevere and the propranolol just did nothing apart from making me feel I couldn't breathe. I also asked my doctor about gabapentin, which some of you had suggested, but she basically said it was a big no no.

Anybody got any suggested medications? Preferably that will help within 4 weeks because im going away with my boyfriends family (only in England) and at this rate theres no way ill be able to handle it, especially the huge restaurant and theatre :( and I don't want to ruin it for me and everyone else. I just want them all to stop worrying, makes me feel awful, but I know its because they care.

If anybody has any suggestions they'd be very very much appreciated, particularly any that had no nausea or vomiting side effects please :( my emetophobia is so bad at the moment I cant turn the light off while I sleep and I have to be near a toilet at all timses, its awful :/

Thank you again for any replies,

Lan xx

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try bromazepam,it helped me.hope for the best.


I feel for u. I have the same problem - but at the opposite end!. i'm dreading my holiday as i have to get on a plane. I have not used any tablets yet but Im going to get beta blockers for the flight. If u r in the uk there was a programme on recently called "the speakmans" I found they really put thing into perspective. it may help.


Hey lan, sorry you are having a hard time. Propranolol is a beta blocker for high blood pressure, why did they give you that? Anyway, in answer to your question, I have been on Viibryd for about six weeks now and it's helped my depression & pretty much eradicated my awful panic attacks. I've been on just about everything out there. If you can, give it a try. I started feeling better in 3-4 weeks. Good luck. :)


hi I feel the same as you, everything you said there,I can relate to...I can.t take a/ds so I take xanax 2mg daily,my gp not too pleased with me,but I really dont care at this stage its the only thing that Miarose xxx


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