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Hi really vad anixrty feel half out it shakes head awful .. feel want run any one get this ...also sufferin shingles face

Hi im suffering bad anixrty .. feel half wirh it funny all time .. sweat scared how feel shakes . Head job to explain any one had this plss .. also moment suffering shingles face that doing my head in feel cant cope anixerty awful thing to have any one .... numb x

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Hi, all of us here have gone or are going through just that. If indeed it is anxiety you have and are suffering a panic attack, you WILL make it through it.

If this is you first attack, I would suggest getting to the hospital ER or to you doctor, just to make sure. But it sure sounds like a panic attack to me. Don't know about the shingles though. Yes it is awful. Good wishes to you.


Hello Numb

Yes this sure sounds like anxiety to me. Is this your first attack? If not you need to get checked out ASAP to rule out anything health relsted.

You do have the typical anxiety symptoms and they are not fun.

I have bad anxiety where pretty much every day I feel nauseous lightheaded heart racing and I also feel out of it most the time.

Hope your feeling better :)


Hi pink .. no been like few month's x worse last few days worrying over shingkes pain got awful .. things to have ... doctor tryed antidepressants but ened up hosp . So moment fighting my self .. now how feel pink like most 24/7 to ruins your life as dont feel like doing the things used to more unhappy then lots smiles lot lot pain head to .. had mri scan few weeks ago thank you replying xxx nice to know not alone just finding a way cope. With it xx numb


Awe I'm sorry your having a rough past few days but your also not alone there. The past week has been real rough for me and yes it still scares me.

The antidepressants made you end up in the hospital? What happened?

Are you doing anything for your anxiety like belly breathing? Going for walks?


Hi pink now what going though how ill makes feel x some times feel going mad .. had fit few yrs ago though pills .. so last dec doc wanted me try again . When woke up went in to a painc eneded up my body stiff couldn't move .. so scarein hun ... no not doing any think help it .. they say walks gd anixerty .. think I gice up sit worryin all time xx sorry hear how making you to hun :(



Have you tried reading any self help books?

I'm actually working on a self help program called Attacking anxiety and depression by Lucinda Bassett. I'm only on week 2 of the 15 week program and just listening to others talk about their experiences helps a little. Maybe you can find something that works for you :)


Sounds good idea pink .. how get the program hun pls give a try any think see help out this dark hole thank you so much talking me :)


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