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Freaking out!!!

So I had a blood test last week as I have quite low iron and they've sent me a letter asking to go back in etc so I called to make the appointment and asked what was wrong and she said my white blood cell count was low...which has sent sirens off in my head of course thinking the worse!! I'm trying not to panic but i can't relax I keep thinking about it I've felt panicky all day after calling the doctors!

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Don't panic, just wait till they do the other tests


Don't freak out. It could be nothing. You could have a simple infection that can cause it. Have you been on an antibiotic lately? That can also cause it.


No I haven't been ill or anything I've got another week and a half of that horrible feeling of dread until I find out 😥



Low platelet count is common when you bleed a lot.

It should just be an iron deficiency common in women,dont panic.

Ive been low in iron on and off over the years and it will also cause anxiety,sleeplessness,repetative thoughts,tiredness etc.

Relax it will be fine will be fixable



Think of it this way,doctors have callback policies,if urgent,they must see you as quickly as possible.not weeks mate.

Dont stress

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Thank you! I've calmed down a lot today. the more I think about it the more I think it will be my iron because I've felt like crap the past few weeks!


It is, you will always have to watch it mate.

I get a blood test every 3 months, i have learnt not to let them drop, I know where they are and how many bleeds i get before needing some iron tablets.

you will get to know your body too

kind regards



DONT PANIC i had my blood work back about 3 weeks ago and they told me am at risk of type 2 diabetes and High choleterol 🚨🚨i Panicked i was scared but i tried to keep calm. I just got prescribed xanax and lexapro and iam hoping it works. Iam also eating healthy and working out. Had to change my life style over night after that news. Dont worrry have faith in God and leave all your worries to him. Godbless you.


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