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Anyone online need to speak to someone asap

I keep getting sharp shooting pains up the side of my head I have been a little stressed today and have had a bad day with my anxiety is this a symptom of stress and anxiety I've never had this before I have headaches pressure ones and have had a little head aches today please help anyone its kicking my anxiety right off

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Hi cloe :-) yes I get the same thing sometimes with stress and anxiety it is scary. I'd just say if you keep getting them and they worry you speak to your dr about them. I get quite bad pressure headaches sometimes :-) hope they pass soon


HI Clo x I have just answered your last post, sorry to hear they are continuing x Headaches like this can be a symptom of anxiety as its all to do with tension and such x They can pass soon or linger if you continue to wind up x I do hope in this case they pass soon for you x It could be the weather also or eye strain, if still present in the morning speak to your gp xx Donver x


Thanks guys am trying my very hardest not to panic and just forget about it but seems when I do calm down bam another shooting pain lol always the way x


It could be that its tension and when you are calming its happening as the tension is releasing x Try to take some paracetamol if you can and keep reminding yourself they will not hurt you x Donver x



I suffer with headaches & migraines & I have had those sharp shooting pains before but they are nothing serious , from time to time we will get these little niggles & if we have HA we can zoom in on them causing us fear & more anxiety

If you are really worried you can go & ask your GP but if it is just a one of I wouldn't worry , even though I know that can be easier said than done

Take Care





Hope you are feeling better now. I just wanted to let you know I had read your post. I occasionally get bad headaches and I find taking pain relief and lying quietly helps to make them go away.



Thanks for all the replys it does help I no its most likely anxiety but sometimes it takes over and make you think horrible thoughts am not having a great day today feeling abit wizzy and heavy headed but going to get threw it xx


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