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My anxiety doesn't go away

Being dealing with anxiety for over a month can't get rid of it...The only thing that helps is the clonazepam..yesterday the syquiatric prescribed me with prozac...I really hope this can help me I can't take it any longer..need to get better I have 2 children to take care of and I feel hopeless please somebody help let me know if prozac works for you....I do not want to get dependent to the clonazepam. feel desesperate

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Hi Prozac worked for me but it takes a bit of time to kick in. Also the symptoms of anxiety may increase in the first week as your body gets used to the drug. If you can battle it out it should then begin to make a difference. I am not sure what dose they gave you but be careful not to take too much at the beginning. In desperation I've just taken extra in the past which has made me even more anxious. I am not a professional but anxiety is often mixed up with depression and maybe some talking therapy like cbt may be something you can consider in the long run. I've just been prescribed diazepam because I am so anxious so I do understand where you are coming from and the idea of something like prozac taking 2 weeks to work feels me with fear. It is probably a good idea to keep on taking the clonazepam until you feel your anxiety lifting. Good look no-one deserves to feel desperate.


Thank you willowroad so after taking prozac do you still feeling anxious? ? Or are you feeling better with prozac??...sorry I just want to make sure


Hey I was on it for 6 months per doctors recommendation,

It got worse the first two weeks on it but it worked I was doing fine so my doc said that after 5 1/2 months of my body feeling that it was "normal" I shouldn't get panic attacks anymore since you can't get "addicted" to prozac. It last a few months I was great then my stubborn mind freaked about some stuff going on around me and back to my anxiety ways. Who knows maybe you'll do your course and have minimal anxiety afterwards.


Thank you so much...just realized I'm not the only one with this situation I was feeling so hopeless and now I see there is so many people with the same problem. Makes me feel I'm not alone..really appreciate your help


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