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Does the anxiety ever go away?

I think i had my second major anxiety attack/meltdown.

Had to hold it in until i got to my car and started driving away, felt like i was holding my breath and the pressure was building, building.

I drove maybe 100 meters and i was sobbing, had to measure my breathing to at least keep it under control.

Processed some more and let myself cry again on the rest of the way home.

Kept telling my brain to shut up. Couldn't get anything done, couldn't study.

It might be getting worse.

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Are you currently seeking out any treatment for your panic attacks or anxiety? If there is an underlying cause for it, if it continues to be left untreated, odds are it may indeed get worse. Talk to your doctor as soon as possible and let him know how you've been feeling.


I am seeking a path towards getting treatment, but i dont have health insurance right now. Needless to say it doesn't make things any easier.


Yes, that does make it tougher unfortunately :-( Try and read up on as many "at home" treatments that people with anxiety have had success with and see if any of those will work in your case. These could include breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, etc. There is no quick fix, sadly, but with enough will and determination, you can hopefully start pointing yourself in the right direction! Best of luck and hope you're doing better now.

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Hi My daughter Anna and myself have had the same feelings , it does go away but you must let it pass not fight the feeling and feed the thoughts, get yourself a elastic band on the wrist and snap it hard it takes your thought to somewhere else take care your not on your own


I will try the elastic band, thank you for the suggestion.


Your not alone. Happens to me all the time. Pure hell!


yes loos like you have many issues to handle and thry are taking control of your emotion making you znxious n prone to panic attacks .do not drive when got attack .park safely n get out of car take fresh air look far ahead to greenery n simply breathe slowly holding your breath at times .u will slowly calm down and your body will not be weaken ..infact u will regain strength .znd your panic attack will go away .if you hzve attavks often seek doctor for further long term treatmemt .good health is good wealth


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