Will my palpitations ever go away?

I'm really fed up and tired of the constant palps that are slowly ruining my life. Just to give you a little background, I was diagnosed with PCOS in October 2013 and was placed on Metformin. My palps started in the December and were pretty much every day with a a couple of days break inbetween. I went to a&e numerous times but was told that my heart was normal. I had blood tests carried out for thyroid and my iron levels and they too came back normal. In April I decided to stop taking the Metformin as I read that this could be the cause of my palps but I still get them. I had a 24hr holter monitor in May and again that came back fine. My doctor said it could be anxiety but I'm not anxious about anything. I'm really at the end of my tether now, everyday I worry that I'm going to get ill. I get married later this year and I'm scared that I will have palps on my wedding day which would ruin everything.


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  • Hi...its not uncommon at all...I use yo get them bad and did the sqme thing went to hospital and 24 hour monitor and all was fine...u really just need yo try not to think about it and when u do get them just think about something different dont concentrate on them do a puzzle book or anythink yo take ya mind of them...the more u worry and think about them the more u notice them... hope this helps...:)

  • Thank you. I do try to take my mind off them by doing other things but its hard sometimes, especially when I have them for what feels like ALL day. I want to exercise because that will really help my PCOS symptoms but I'm scared to even though according to the doctor, my heart is healthy.

  • Awe I completely understand how you feel with being afraid to exercise because your concerned about your heart I also suffer from health anxiety and have been checked out numerous times and drs tell me I'm fine but it's so hard for me to believe it myself :(

  • You suffer from anxiety which can be subconscious and if it's not anxiety, I'm afraid to tell you it's the reality of life. I'm much younger than you, considering the fact that you're getting married and I'm a 15 year old who has had severe palpitations ongoing for a year. I get them nearly everyday and because I go to school etc it really can cause me severe anxiety. I have normal palpitations that kinda flutter lightly and then go but rarely, what I mean by rare is, within the course of 2 days or so, I get palpitations that feel like somebody is kicking my chest and they come from deep in my chest and kind of pulsate. They're really bad and when I get them I'm hit with a sudden wave of anxiety, as I'm sure many people are. That hit of adrenaline stays with you and continues the cycle of palpitations and the extreme worry. I've only had an ecg recently and it came back as normal and a chest x Ray. I guess it's the worry that catches me the most. I am in the same boat and I really wish it could get better and with my age it only concerns me more.

  • i was in a similar situation, I have very frequent pvc's that suddenly happened out of nowhere, never use to get them, so I think? but anyways gotten told my heart is fine but then I read that if you get pvc's during exercise it's really bad!! one day I was exercising and I realised I had pvc occur and I literally freaked out and stopped exercising for a good month in fear that I'd drop dead..

    but now I'm back into exercise, I figured after years of exercise nothing bad had ever happened and if anything, exercise will improve heart health.. so now I'm feeling a lot better mentally, I still have constant anxiety over my heart but I said to myself, "you can't be like this forever, what if really there's nothing wrong with your heart and you live until 100 years, you'd regret all that time wasted worrying over something" - saying that to myself has helped me a lot, not saying that I don't have bad days.. there are days where I'd break down and feel horrible and just want to run to the hospital emergency department..

    stay strong! being mentally strong will also improve physical health!!

  • This waa me for some reason right when my anxiety started i started having bad palps ive always had a fast heart rate and doctors always thought that my baseline was just higher then others so heres what happened back in april i had a pulmonary embolism wich was the same symptoms as a panic attack well anyways i was hospitalized and they saw my heart was so high they did so many test and said my heart hadnt suffer any damage from there on my anxiety got worse i startef having bad palps all the time i alwAys ended up with them telling me it was just my anxiety causing then until 3 months ago i went into a different hospital with a severe panic attack my heart was going 180 i was having palps and my heart was fluttering so thats when they actual caught the palps and what was causing my anxiety i have whats called atrial ectopic tachychardia were my heart goes really fast and theres a vein in my heart that when irritated causes the palps so they tried meds on me to control my heart they worked for my heart but not my anxiety so 2 months ago i had a heart ablation im palps free i mean i feel one ocassionaly but thats because im soooooo intuned with my heart but atleast they dont send me flying out the door anymore and i havnt been to the hospital either so hope my experience helps not everyone has to have a heart issue to get palps but if u feel ur not being helped at one location then go to another till i get clear answers

  • I was told about having a ablation but I was not sure

    Thx it's good to know it helps

  • I am in exactly the same situation. I am 23 and my symptoms which range from skipping beats to heart rates of more than 180 and these have been going on for 6 months at varying degrees, mostly manageable but a consuming around 60% of my day. Ive had 24 hour ECG, blood tests and 24 hour urine tests all coming back fine. Im on anxiety meds now which help somewhat but i keep having to increase the dose and i get the attacks or uncomfortable feelings even when im not anxious. I really dont want to have to live like this for the rest of my life, ive gone from being a really outgoing person to a total hermit, feel like im losing my mind. Would love to hear from you if you reach some sort of cnclusion.

  • Get was wondering if you still Are having trouble With this...I have horrible anxiety that causes severe palpitations also....today in particular....supposed to take my kids to the pool and am afraid to leave the house...

  • hey it is possible for them to go mine have gone I don't know how I have arrhythmia and tachycardia and anxiety and my palpitations suddenly stopped I don't know how my heart used to race now its always slow its weird still anxious how its turned around but don't worryt abouyt them

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