Hi all,

Just thought I'd start a quick post introducing myself for those who don't know me. I'm now one of the admins on this board.

I'm Megy, I'm 20 and I suffer with anxiety. More specifically, emetophobia which is the fear of being sick. I'm currently undergoing CBT and I'm finding the skills that I'm learning very useful.

I aim to pop on here at least once a day, more often if I can and if there's anything I can help with then please feel free to send me a message.

So yes, that's me! :-)

M x


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11 Replies

  • Hi Meg

    Just wanted to congratulate you in your new role of Admin on Anxiety Support

    If you ever want a break & need to talk you can find some of us on Living with anxiety on Health Unlocked :-/

    Good Luck & Wishing you all the best :-)




  • Hey why,

    Hope things are okay with you.

    Thank you! I've joined Living with Anxiety as well and I'll pop over from time to time :-)

    M x

  • Hi Meg

    Congratulation on your new role! Xxx

  • Hi Meg

    Congratulations. X

  • Thanks! :-) Hope things are okay with you x

  • Hi Meggy , lovely to meet you. It's nice to know a bit about who we are talking


    Hannah x

  • Hi Hannah,

    Thanks! :-) Hope things are okay with you. x

  • hi meg, well done on your role of admin, hope to hear you lots, jasper xx

  • Hi jasper,

    Thanks! I'll definitely be around, hoping to be on here daily at least :-)

    Hope things are okay with you

    M x

  • Congratulations Meg on becoming admin xxx

  • Hi Meg,

    Good luck on your new role.

    I hope you feeling well, and that the CBT goes well, I found it very helpful for general anxiety. xx


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