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massive anxiety attack in the night

hey guys last night I was just getting to sleep around 1200 and my daughters toy started making noises so I got up and shut it off and had a glass of water on my way walking back to the bed my heart started racing so bad I could feel it beating in my throat and I was very shaky,it was like some on was pulling the air out of my lungs I could not take a breath at allmy penis went very small and hard I was like that for about 5 to 10 minunts i took an Ativan and tried to go back to sleep but i could just lay there intill about 330 in the morning scared. i only got a few hours of sleep last night ,today i am sore in my back,neck,arms,legs,.And another thing can anxiety cause stuffy nose hard to breath out of nose every morning for 4 months i blow my nose sometime yellow ,or white comes out .thanks guys ,that was the scariest attack i have had yet

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What you are describing is anxiety.

The first thing you need to remember with anxiety is that it feeds off fear.

The more you fear something the more you tense up, hence you feeling sore.

Have you done CBT?

If not get yourself signed up, it can be a great help :)

Also check out Mindfulness, there're lots of websites on this subject the most popular is Headspace.

Practice this twice a day or when ever you need to. It is a great way to keep focused, relaxed and calm:)

Hope this helps x


thank you very much I will check that out and what is cbt



It is a talking therapy, cbt stands for cognitive behaviour therapy.

Basically it's training our minds to think in a more rational and positive way:)


Hi Cody

I get massive anxiety Attack at night,one more scary then another,have the same thing with my nose..which doesn t help I think ..


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