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Pounding headaches who gets these??

Hi everyone I'm here crying my eyes out I am dealing with high stress high anxiety. I have the burning stomach and for a week now I also have been experienceinng pounding headaches (minor to major) when I stand up, lay down, and bend over and sometimes just when I'm walking.

Is this cause of all that? I read blood pressure problems or heart problem I'm scared. :(


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hi, over the weekend i also had the pounding headache i couldn't do anything but lay down..but i know my blood pressure flow isn't so well as sometimes i will get numb hands legs feet without sitting on it and sometimes nerve problems im just so fed up of it all.. i feel like i don't have a life... i don't mean to be negative but i feel i cant live my life to the fullest i don't know if you feel so too?


I feel the same way like right now pounding headache but I can't take pain reliever because of my stomach :(

It's seriously like WHY us, you know??

It gets so frustrating!!

Hopefully well get thru this.


Hi guys

I hope that you're both feeling better today. I can relate to the pounding headaches. I've had them since I was a kid and all I can do I shut out all the light, noise and curl up in bed till I can think again. I also have problems with my hands and feet going numb but I don't know if that's related because it seems to be a contradiction. high blood pressure causes the headaches and low causes the numbness? what I will say helped me was yoga, not when I have a headache of course (bending over with the blood rushing through my ears, no way) but if I can do it regularly, each morning usually, it keeps my blood pressure and breathing rate calmer during the day. also if you have access to it, any kind of water seems to help, so maybe try a bath or sit in the hot tub if you're really lucky.

I have a lot of trouble taking painkillers due to being bulimic for 20 years so I find eucalyptus rubbed into the temples helps. hope some of this has been useful and you feel like there's hope of getting through this.


Just saw this sorry

Thank you so much for responding!

Wow since you were a child :(

It's great you've found relief with yoga.

I'll be looking into it thanks.

Eucalyptus that dound promising

Yoga sounds good I'll be looking into thanks.



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