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Why has my pluse and bp high in the morning ?

I have been monitoring my bp for 2 weeks now ,I have been suffering with anxiety for about 4 months now I felt very good for about 2 and a half weeks now my anxiety is back and been here going on 3 days I wake up in the morning and my bp can range from 125 to as high as 150 over 68 to 79 and my pulse goes around 80 to 90 sometimes 100 in the morning. Then about an hour later it goes back to normal around 116 over 71 pulse 78 and in the morning i wake up early short of breath and dizzy and lay there for about an hour before I can get up feel just like I did before when my anxiety was very bad why did this come out of no where now I am constantley thinking there is somthing bad going to happen to me plz help

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Why are you monitoring your BP etc. Is there a medical reason why you are doing this?

I feel this is pointless and is making you worry about nothing, just forget about BP etc and relax

And enjoy these nice sunny days.



No medical reason jus the doctor had suggested I moniter it because every time I went to him he would check my bp and it would range from 102,120 over68, to 89 and my pulse is never under 70 only in the evening somtimes my puls is 111 in the morning or I f I got done doing somthing


I agree you should forget about it our pulse and bp change throughout the day and anxiety will have affect them too. Your readings look within normal limits


Ok thank u I was just wondering in just scared in the morning lately cause I wake up early dizzy and short of breath and lay ther for about an hour before I can get up I am completely tired and draind heart beats so fast I just feels like viberating it's a little bit scary at times


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