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What is the meaninig of theses powerful and meaningful occurances in my dreams?

What does it mean if I continually have dreams focused around 3 main things? I don't even have dreams about them that frequently yet why I feel like there must be a reason is because they are always very powerful. Rather than other dreams, these ones always contain stong feeling and have such meaning to them, feeling very significant. I'm always happy and excited in the dreams. It is odd how I experience such strong feeling in them. Theses 3 main occurances that I dream about are: falling in love, going to college, or traveling independently on an important trip with friends. Does this meant that I have a strong desire to grow up? Does it mean I want to leave the nest? Does it mean I am unhappy at home and want to break away from my past and present? Does it mean I am ambitious and ready to get out into the real world and experience life? Does it mean I belong elsewhere? Does it mean I'm bored with life and ready to spread my wings? Does it mean I'm becoming anxious and getting ahead of myself, unable to be calm and relax as life takes its course? Does it mean I am becoming stir-crazy as I want to get out of my normal routine and simple life and stretch, exploring something new? Does it mean I am becoming older and so hungry for change? Does anybody have any idea what I could possibly gain from this! What are your opinions?

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Hi there

If you are excited in your dreams maybe it s something that you should do!Falling in love,go to college and go away with your friends...


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