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Keep dreaming my legs don't work

It's been happening for quite a while now, although not frequently.

In my dream it is such an effort to take even one step. My legs feel as though I've been walking for days and that they weigh an incredible amount.

The feeling of exhaustion and strenuous straining is constant with each attempted step and the emotion that goes with it is just as strong.

I'm never usually running from anything or anyone, but always seem to have 2 or 3 large,heavy bags or suitcases that I have to carry with me, which makes the walking all the more difficult, and for whatever reason I can't ditch any of them or take stuff out to make them lighter.

This goes on for what seems like days in my dream and by the time I wake up, I'm mentally and physically drained before I've even left my bed!

Does anybody else suffer with this? And if so, have you found any way to limit this happening,be able to walk through it,etc? It's so emotionally exhausting and confidence crushing to have these feelings in your dreams. Especially if you dream as vividly as I do.

Thanks in advance for any advice ;)

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So, dream land is not a welcome event in your evenings. First, are you on any medication and do you have a therapist? I have nightmares that have consist themes for which I have help from a neuropsychiatrist that may help.


Hi there, thanks for your reply. No,usually quite the opposite! I have wildly adventurous dreams that are mostly pleasant, if a little confusing and deep. It's just that these dreams,where I can barely walk and my legs dead weights, are very emotionally confronting,uncomfortable and at times quite painful and leave me wrecked the next day.

I'm not currently seeing my psychiatrist, as my medication has been working for me for the most part and I'm hesitant to change. I do still see a psychologist though, he usually just tells me the same info I'd find in a dream interpretation book lol.

I'll check out if there's any neuropsychiatrists in my area.


Well before you go shopping for another MD to stick a finger in your care, let me just share what I am doing to manage the nightmare types the reoccur periodically.....the kind that may not be actually identical, but have the same theme, scenario, etc,

My neuro-psychiatrist told me to try to remember as much about the dream as possible, even write notes if you think you might forget some detail that really bothered you.

Then practice during the waking hours how you want to change that dream, particularly the ending. Practice that frequently daily. With me it finally did help, but it took a few weeks before I actually had some good results. With you it maybe much sooner.

It was not infrequent for me to have other disturbing dreams for years....unrelated to one another. 5 nites out of 7 I would have one that took an hour or so to shake off the anxiety for it after I woke up.

So now I take a very low dose of a muscle relaxer an hour before I want to be asleep, go to bed and just chill. (no TV, no music no computer, no phone after 10 p.m.) It's been six weeks since I started that, and have only a few disturbing dreams. They occur in the morning right before I wake, but they are somewhat "muffled" if that makes sense. They may be confusing and strange but not to the point they cause anxiety. (I choose to lie down in bed at 10 p.m. because my hyper husband always goes to bed at 11p.m. When his head hits the pillow he's out like a light! I need to be relaxed and asleep before he starts snoring)

Like you, I find those dream interpretation books interesting and curious, but not something to help.

Luckily I have an older (experienced) neuro-psychiatrist who is familiar with some the techniques and meds the military use for warriors returning home from wars in the Middle East and are diagnosed with PTSD.

Hope this may be of some use to you. Or maybe not. Let me know what you think.

It was a revelation to me that we can actually help our brains change dreams.

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Wow! Thank you for such a detailed explanation :) it sounds like you've got some good mechanisms in place to help you sort out your dream space. I'm going to start writing down my dreams and try and recall as much detail as possible. I like the idea of that, I might even be able to start a book! Make something out of the madness that goes in there.. haha.

Yeah it's not just the legs thing that gets me in my dreams, it can be any number of insecurities that will manifest into uncomfortable situations. Last night I dreamt that I broke down in tears over my mum being in jail at Xmas while at my partners siblings wedding in front of a hundred people!? I ended up leaving and then had to travel interstate with no pants on 🤔 It may sound funny or silly, but the emotion and embarrassment is all too real.. and the worst part is, the memories of the dreams don't fade away. I can have a flashback memory to a dream I had weeks ago, as if I was physically there.. if but for a few seconds. And the emotion and feelings then come flooding back. Stupid brain lol.

Anyway, enough jabbering on. Thank you for sharing that with me :) it's given me some ideas to work with!

Cheers, Adam.


Ok, glad you have a tool from me that might help. Just hand in there, keep in touch and keep your positive attitude. :)


Will do! Thanks again 😊


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