Need advice asap

Back to doctors tomorrow my meds have run out and am panicking over everything tomorrow is last day I can't cope plastering anymore the felleas I work with always shouting at me,can't even walk my dogs without freaking out this isn't normal at all I hate this feeling haven't hot swets dry mouth head spinning,and don't really want to put more pressure on wife


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  • Hi jjb

    When you say your meds run out tomorrow, do you mean you finish them? do you have them on repeat prescription? X

  • No he put me them on for 4weeks sertraline 50mg but I've none left finished them Monday and all he'll has broke lose going into panic modea all time freaking out over everything,x

  • Well firstly try and remember that we're all in the same boat here and we understand, so don't feel alone, if I were you I'd most definitely go back to doctors and tell him about how your symptoms have become, it sounds like you need to be on the medication perhaps a while longer? tell him you need help with this, its not easy and it can be completely overwhelming, make an appointment, x

  • Thank you I have can't cope freaking out over everything even walking my dogs is freaking me out I've 1 more day to try get bye in work with out panicking,scary feeling,does counciling help of therapy really feel so low having suicidal thoughts 😭😭

  • Yes counselling/therapy can work wonders for some people, a friend once recommended I read stuff written by "dr claire weekes" you can find things on youtube by her, she was an amazing pioneer in anxiety/panic related illnesses, its worth checking out her stuff, its a case of finding things that suit your individual needs, but this forum is also a great comfort too,especially when your feeling alone with your thoughts, it is possible to recover from this you know, try and keep that in mind :-)

  • Thank you am going to get on iPad now look but tomorrow is going to be a panic mode am trying to stay focused but freaking out even thinking of work and the fellas am working with don't give a crap makes it harder on me I took couple panic attacks on Tuesday couldn't cope on Wed or today but need tools back so have to go in the marra 😖

  • This time tomorrow you'll be home and your work day will be over, you will get through it, the sensations and symptoms are horrendous and overwhelming but they won't kill you and you will get through this xx

  • I keep trying to tell myself this am even panic being in my own home flip sake bye myself once the wife goes to college and kids goes to school the doctor may put me on stronger medicine x😱

  • Jjb30, this is serious. I hope you have seen your doctor today.

    I've never heard of putting someone on a medication for 4 weeks

    and then stop abruptly. No wonder you are having these psychotic episodes. This is not your fault. Do not do anything rash. Please let your doctor know your suicidal thoughts. I wish you well. Stay safe.

  • Am with the Dr tomorrow at 4pm heads all over place it's got so bad I panic at the slightest thing can't focus rite and sleeping is a no go waking up every hour stupid thoughts running threw my mind just want them to stop so I feel normal again 😵

  • Good Luck with the doctor's appointment tomorrow. I know how frightened you must be. Hang in there.

    Let us know how you are doing after seeing the doctor.

  • Will do and thank you for advice and help

  • Good that your seeing doctor tomorrow, try and tell him exactly how you feel, I've even written things down before an appointment just so I remember everything :-), if he offers medication then so be it, whatever it takes is my view, let us know how you get on,just hang in there, big hugs :-) xx

  • Thank you Susie much appreciated just have to get over work first x

  • Just back from doctors he has increased my medicine up to 100mg sertraline I hope these work try stop panicking he also took bloods today at work was scary was sick with nerves is this normal??😱

  • Jjb30

    Hi, see, you got through the day :-) I'd say that being sick at work is quite a normal reaction because of your over sensitized and very anxious mind/body, just hang fire, see how you get on with the increase in meds doses, you've had bloods done too now so thats another step forward, don't forget, we're all here, we're all behind you 100%, talk here whenever you need too, you need to try and allow alittle time to pass and hopefully the increased meds will kick in, big hugs, :-)

  • Thank you today wasn't so bad managed to go out with the wife and boys ice skating and didn't freak out took meds the smorning home now to relax hopefully and brain doesn't go of on 1 😏taking time out on plastering to stressful at min going to take baby steps try focus on slowly building my confidence back up 😊

  • Thats the way to go, pleased to hear you've had a good day, keep going, you'll get there, :-) xx

  • Glad you got out today. Keep going. I've just been put on the sertraline.

    I've not been coping at work. Like shaking, feeling sick ect.

  • Your not alone and there is people here to talk to in the boat which is amazing x

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