depersonalization.Any help?

I get panic attacks which are mostly triggered by stress and fear. i heard DP is a symptom. I feel "detached" from my own body and surroundings,zombie-like feelings where everything seems dream-like and unreal. This usually makes me panic and SCARED. However i'm on the road to recovery all natural (no meds,as my doc said i did'nt need it). I finally could convince myself that i'm not dying. I try to Accept the attacks instead of fighting them cause thats the way to cure them. (a couple ex-sufferers and doctors thought me this). But wen i get depersonalization,often times when im not having a actual attack. What should i do? Any tips? This cant last right?

Thanks for any advice.


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  • Hey rushaine think we spoke before. Yes DP is a symptom of panic attacks and the fear of DP is causing you stress leading to more panic. No one seems to know what DP really is and it can come on any time, I get it, it's not dangerous and they do pass. as your panic attacks start to improve so should your DP but it may come back from time to time. Don't worry to much about it just have a good day as the more you worry about it the more it happens. Hope this helped.

  • Yes it does. i try to ignore it as much as possible.i hope as my panic attacks subside,they will too.

  • I know this might sound odd but have you had your vitamin levels checked? I felt similar and it turns out more vitamin D was way too low. Do a search for vitamin D deficient forum and see what their symptoms are. It's just a blood test anyway so you should check it out.

  • I did blood works already. everything normal plus i take b-complex fish oil tablets.

  • I have that too. The one good thing about depersonalization is that you can distinguish real from fantasy. You may feel like you are in a dream or invisible or detached and become scared (fear) which intensify the anxious feeling. Know that many people are having this same experience. When I am focus on something else, I am not aware of these feelings. I was seeing a therapist but haven't in months. We determined that it was caused by anxiety. I over analyze, worry about things which most of the time will never happen, worry (think too much about) what people think about me, too concerned about what people think about me, etc. I am learning to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Also, depersonalization is harmless. I take Gaba 750mg and L-Theanine 100mg at night. Overtime it relaxes you. Speak with your doctor about these natural supplements. Since I'm a Christian, praying and repeating scripture helps me tremendously.

  • I drink chamomile tea which has great relaxation effects as well as take vitamins. those are exactly how i feel. like a zombie :(. ive been recovering from panic attackss all well by myself but now. i dont look at panic as a mental illness but infact is a behavoural disorder that can be changed with the right steps. But this DP is making it hard. it scares me!! and then that just bring on my panic attacks. but i will do some research on this symptom to stop fearing it.

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