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Dose anxiety really make you feel the way I am feeling?

I have had health a anxiety for a long time know many years! Some months can be good and other can be absolutley terrible. They have totally ruined my quality of life I am only a young girl and can't do any normal typical day to day tasks ect due to my anxiety! For the past few days I have been suffering really bad.. I am extremly dizzy to the point I am petrified to be in the house alone with my son Incase I faint and there is no one around to help. My head has really bad preassure in it. I feel like there are beasties crawling over my head also feel like face is swelling but it's not? The dizziness is the most annoying thing ever! I have felt really sick and panicky today aswell I am also felling extremely hot but I am cold to touch! Know usually I can cope Witth my anxiety as iv had it so long and had countless symptoms I could not even begin to imagine that anxiety could cause is any one on the same boat I feel so along my family are fed up of me complain ing a out being unwell and going to hosp and doctors I also feel as if my doctor is getting bored of me know

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Yes it can make you feel as you do I have had it for years and people don't understand they say it's all in your mind, well it ain't, most anxiety today is caused by the stresses of modern life, the 24 / 7 lifestyle, constantly on our computers and cell phones people seem as though they cant live without them, we are bombarded with adverts from peer pressure telling us we must purchase this and that if we don't we won't fit in with society. well I say ignore all this pressure' live as you want not as they want, I may be on my PC now but I won't be on it all day, take one day at a time, do your own thing and think, The world would not be better off without me but I would be better off without the world.


Hi both u my anxiety same wabt leave house I panic 24/7 my . Head . Face .neck . Feel tinglein .. kerp itchin .. feel out contol awful feeling . Gad brain scan 4days ago got in head that made worse also get tingles arms most body feel for you not sure any one gets sane as me family say pull self together emthsts easy word to say hard to do .. do naje ne feel crazey grrr hust want get on with life and can't :(


I know this might sound odd but have you had your vitamin levels checked? I felt similar and it turns out my vitamin D was way too low. Do a search for vitamin D deficient forum and see what their symptoms are. It's just a blood test anyway so you should check it out.


You poor darling. Dizzy feeling and feeling like you may faint are classic anxiety symptoms, BUT you won't faint, it is your brain playing nasty tricks on you, the good news is you can do something about it and out smart your own mind. All the things you say have happened to me and in many way a millions times worse but I ma coming out the other side and so can you.

Firstly if your Doc and family are bored I would be very surprised, it is more likely they are frustrated at how to help you, so you need to tell them. It may be dull but writing it down helped me hugely. Next I would say try not to ignore the symptoms as though 'turning away' will help, it doesn't. Accept the feelings by acknowledging and accepting it is here and WILL PASS within a moment or so. It is not easy but can be done with practice. You will soon know that anxiety is creeping up and you will let it wash over you and pass through you and go away. Have you tried mindfulness meditation, it works for lots of people and could be worth a try.

I wish you luck and can totally promise you THIS WILL PASS and you will be well again, and the best bit is the person who can most help you is you.

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