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How do you stop anxiety from ruining your life?

I'm at university and I want a job in Publishing.

When I don't have anxiety as much, I am really intelligent and capable of performing well enough to get the job I want but when I'm not... I feel very incapable and have lots of panic attacks.

I don't want my condition to stop me from living my life, it's embarrassing.

So many people keep telling me to avoid my triggers or lower my workload.

I also suffer from perfectionist tendencies and when I don't challenge myself enough I get bored.

When I get bored I also get anxiety, feeling pressured by my lack of ambition and initiative.

Please help

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Have you been to see student services at the uni. They may be able to offer some help. Would it help to look at your triggers and try to avoid while also looking at ways at looking at coping with your boredom. Looking on the net for info about mindfulness might h MRelp.


I found that yoga really helped me relax and take time out from my head! Maybe trying to accept that your expectations of yourself are possibly too high, that you are allowed to have time when you are not achieving and that, yes, mindfulness and finding other perspectives on life and society may help too?


I agree with catmac25. I did yoga for nearly 2 years and then I decided to be back to Uni. I accept any grade I get because I had learned to appreciate every little thing it comes to my life and being busy in doing something in society that can be appreciated let me feel more satisfied and purposeful,rarely i get bored


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