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Feeling detached

I've had really bad anxiety latley I get rrally bad panic attacks andfeel like I'm gonna stop breathing and may have to call 911 but it always goes away whether it be 10 minutes or 2 hours.., it's really been affecting my day to day routine. I've had this detached and weird feeling, I looked it up and it sounda like depersonalization. Anyone deal with that? Let me know, thanks guys

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I do its scary at times, i start worrying that it could be something more serious.

I put it into perspective; I have not been sleeping well, been going through a lot of stress or dealing with something that gets me really anxious.

Once I see what's going on I start snapping out of that surreal feeling that you get.

Hope this helps. :)


I Get that too. It's almost like things around me a rnt real and im watching someone else's life . I also think that the way I feel cnt just be anxiety an there must be something else wrong but that's the problem with anxiety it's a mental illness but with physical symptoms . It's something that I dnt think anyone can appreciate until they have experienced it x

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Wow it's weird I get it due to anxiety you feel like nothing is real and your out of your body, it normally goes , Feeling your gonna stop breathing is anxiety too, don't worry I don't think you will I ain't yet. there's loads on depersonalization


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