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I am going mad. I am volunteering at Glamorgan's Cricket Ground for all their T-20 Blast games, the first shift was last night. It's was fun but also hard to cope with. One volunteer called Sally really is someone who pushes every ones buttons and then acts like its not her fault. She arrived and started kicking off about where she was working (with me) and her choice of words toward me, other volunteers, staff and fans coming to the game.

In the end I told her to shut up and she took my words to heart, but she called the bosses several swear words. She was rude to fans too, being short with them. She needed to be told endlessly she was doing a good job but never did any work or help me.

She went and complained about me being rude to her, I lost my temper. I can't work with someone who isn't working as a part of the team. I went to say sorry to her but she acted like she couldn't hear me!

My heart was beating fast, it's been doing this for ages now. Told the doctor about it but she said it's normal when you have anxiety, but it's not nice. I had to take time away from the game and chill out, but it went away fast. Is a racing heartbeat normal/?! I do hope so or I might have to go back for another check up.

Apart from Sally, I loved being a part of a great team and love live sport. I hope on June 13th, things go smooth and I don't lose my temper

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After reading your post I can see a lot f positives what you enjoyed :-)

Sometimes though it can take just one person to make it all feel so negative & they do tend to pop up & do just that !

Best thing I always find is to just ignore them as people like that like a reaction & even though it can be hard if you blank then & pretend they are not there they get fed up & move on , surround yourself with the good people in the group :-)

When we get anxious our hearts do beat faster , it is a normal reaction but if you are concerned then for peace of mind have a word with your GP

Let us know how it goes in June :-)





Thanks 1whywhy I will try to ignore her. My bosses told me that they will have words with Sally and see how she behaves next time. I hope she pulls her finger out soon and becomes a part of the team :) I might see my doctor about my racing heart this week just for a check up


Well I would let your bosses deal with her & enjoy the experience you are having , try not to let her spoil it , she really is not worth it , take a deep breath & count to 10 as we say :-/

I am sure everything will be fine but have a word with the GP if you are worried about your heart sometimes a little reassurance can just nip the anxiety in the bud for us :-)



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