Been on an emotional roller coaster :-/

Been on an emotional roller coaster :-/

So the last few wks I've been so emotional one minute and fine the next. I've had worser Braxton hicks. I've felt exhausted the last so many days but abit better today in that sense. Tuesday was being checked over in the hospital as the pains was really getting intense. They said all is fine, warm baths to help with the pain and bedrest. Now this makes a change for me but I put myself on bedrest just over a wk ago anyway. Yes I've only had a little tidy round upstairs now and again. OH been really helpfull even thou he works a lot of hours he comes home and does everything. I really do appreiecate It he's been a star. Still watching tv and spending alot of time in the bedroom as with the kids off school it's been hard for his sister to get down. She did come down yesterday evening and brought just her daughter who is 12 so she lay in bed with us and watched bgt. I did go in earlyer just to look and it's coming on nicely. Now I'm having the pains again tonight, I'm at me moms as OH at his. Sister and her hubby kicked off all day and take it round my moms as per usual. Don't they realise it hasn't been long since we lost my nan and there putting on my mom? Does my head in. I just was making a pot of tea and the pains are back. Then all of a sudden I felt scared and anxious again about the labour. I've only got 5 wks till due date and all the signs of slow labour as everyone keeps telling me. I know it's normal to feel anxious about labour for someone who doesn't have anxiety xx hope you like the living room part that's been done xxx


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  • Hi don :-) not long now till bundle of joy arrives...I never had any of that my boy didn't want to come out he was too comfy...glad you had bed rest and it's defo not easy with kids around....hopefully you'll have a good day tomorrow ....I missed not having bgt on tv tonight ...I'll be ready for tomorrow's show though :-)

  • that must be so tiring! I hope you get some rest, glad today was a bit easier for you keep up the bedrest and those baths sound lovely!

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