What's going on?

What's going on?

I have been through a very bad couple of weeks in my marriage so understandable that my anxious mind would be in over drive, right? ....

Well things are so much better in my life currently but now I have these really freaky new 24/7 physical symptoms. 

I have constant deep pain in my left chest that radiates to my left arm but mostly by my wrist feels like a stabbing pain or just sharp pains. My shoulder blades also takes turns to hurt very badly. My shoulders and back feels like it's burning then I get these pains in the side of my stomach like sharp pains.  These pains is really painful and scary just don't know why this is happening. Last night was so bad I have a phopia of meds but the pains was so bad I took 


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  • Muscle relaxer even though I was so scared of taking it but I just couldn't bear the pain any longer.  I fell asleep after taking the pill.  Tonight same story and tgr ribgacd

  • Phone keeps freezing. Gosh

  • Would you be kind enough to tell me which pill you took as muscle relaxer?  Thanks

  • Imubrofen

  • Thanks - did you mean ibuprofen?

  • lol yeah that

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