Been cleaning

Been cleaning in the kitchen, I've cleaned round 2 window frames with a toothbrush then with a cloth, I've cleaned paint of a couple of cupboard sides, tried to get the paint off the floor and then cleaned the actual windows. I am sweating like a pig, I have very anxious thoughts when I sweat, thinking something is wrong with me. So I have had an ice lolly and a sit down. Another storm has just started so I'm trying to convince myself that it's the cleaning that's made me sweat not that there is something wrong with me. It makes me really sad when I feel like this. I've tried to have a positive affirmation today it's sort of helped. Again I just want to curl up in a ball and wait for someone to convince me it's all right and give me a cuddle. Crying again, I think one of my issues is I cannot let go of my emotions.

Love and hugs to everyone xxxx


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  • Hi Winter ...well done you , you have been really busy

    Hun its still very close & humid , I still have windows open & fans on & all that cleaning you have done , I would be more worried if i wasnt sweating

    It is very normal to be

    Sometimes everything we have pent up inside , makes us cry , its like a release & not a bad thing , let them come , you might feel better afterwards




  • I think I have about 10 yrs worth of crying to come out! Leaving my childhood home in Lancaster and moving to Mansfield, my grandmas death, my nephews death, my stepsons death, my divorce, my dads triple heart bypass, my mums death and my Nanas death. Sorry about telling you all that. Xxxx

  • Dont be sorry Winter , thats what this site is for , to say how you feel

    I understand & there are alot of emotions there to deal with

    Mansfield , you are not far from me then , not far at all


  • Really, I thought we were all scattered far and wide! Message me where you are xxx

  • I have done


  • Another thing I've done is feed and weed the garden in between the storms!

  • Winter i am so pleased, what a lot you have done, also as i type this winter, i am dripping with sweat, we get this with anxiety, but i do think the heat is making it worse, also meds can increase sweating, there nothing wrong. All that cleaning you have done, be proud of yourself, think of it this way, anyone cleaning in this heat will drip with sweat, my daughter put a bulb in the bathroom a little while ago, and when she came out she was dripping also. Very well done Winter. :)




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