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Hello everyone. For the past few days (3-4) I've been experiencing insomnia. I believe my anxiety is preventing me from falling asleep. I kid you not when I say I've only been having at least o-1 hour of sleep. I don't know why this is happening and I'm losing my mind. I'm hoping anyone can give me advice on what I should do about this. I would also like to ask anyone who has experienced this and how long did it take for your insomnia to go away. I'd heard this can lasts for days weeks months and years. I definitely do not want to take sleeping meds or benzos but if I cant cope with this then I'm willing to take the necessary meds to help me fall asleep. ive heard Xanax can act as a sleeping pill but I'm not sure. I am going to see a psychiatrist soon as well just to get his opinion.

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This is the info on sleep hygiene which you should be doing

Otherwise it's medication but there are lots of alternatives to benzos

If it's only been 3 days it's likely this will settle easily. Some of us have had this for years

C0br4Br0s in reply to Goldfish_

Thank you for the link lots of good info. I did get some sleep last night but not as much as I wanted.

I take .1 mg of xanex only at night before bed for this very reason. My mind just won't let me sleep. I've tried every type of sleeping medicine out there and I know it's habit forming but I've always just taken it before bed and never had an issue. It's the ONLY way I sleep and function throughout the day.

C0br4Br0s in reply to StepmomJP

Yea I took 1mg of ativan three days ago and it didn't do nothing for me. I had heard Xanax was the best choice for insomnia but those withdrawals are scary. You said you tried everything. What about Remeron? I keep hearing that's the holy grail for people who suffer insomnia.

Yes you are not alone. I have so far been dealing with no sleep since mid June of this year. I may hAve had 5 nights since June up until now where I may have had a 4 to 5 hours total of sleep so that means in basically almost 3 months I only had about 5 nights of halfway decent sleep the rest of those nights I may get 3 or 4 hours and less. I have become mentally fatigued because of this. I can't focus and my partner says that being sleep deprived will only make the anxiety hit me worse because my mind is so exhausted. I hate this because never ever until June have I ever had a problem going to sleep. I use to love to sleep and would go to sleep and any time I could and now I can't believe everything has changed to where it is so hard to go to sleep. I need my rest so bad. And I'm scared to take sleeping pills or sleep aids.

I know what you mean. The day I had to go to the ER because my anxiety was through the roof was the day my sleep changed. Before I could sleep like a baby whenever wherever. Now i have luxury to see all my family sleep while I toss and turn every night. Im also scared of sleeping pills or just pills in general but sleep is crucial. im willing to take one every two or three days as long as I get some sleep.

I'm so fed up and frustrated. I've been crying so much over this whole thing. I can't believe my sleep patterns are this bad.

I would get in some exercise during the day, not at night. Getting enough sunlight definitely helps. Listening to something really boring usually does it for me. I would have trouble sleeping for months at a time, so I took Zzzquil every night, and for the most part it helps. Trazodone is another option but you would have to talk to your psychiatrist about it. Good night

C0br4Br0s in reply to Kainan_li

Yea Id like to exercise but I need sleep first lol Im taking valerian and passion flower for now. I might try Benadryl or that zzzquil. I keep hearing about trazadone and Remeron so I might look into those.

I find any of the "drowsy type" anti -histamines help a bit

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