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How Physically Sick Do You Feel?

I am so tired of being sick and tired. Sometimes I am so weak I think I am going to pass out. My heart beats out of my chest. I sweat and freak out. The nausea is overwhelming. My head is spinning and I am lightheaded. I keep thinking I have to be sick with a disease since I feel sooooooooo bad. Has anyone felt this ill with anxiety? Does anyone feel sick, sick, sick? Is a sickness making me freak out or am I feeling sick because I am freaking out. I can't take one more day.

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You need to believe in yourself. You can learn to control it through calming your mind, but it takes time and practice...just like all the rest of us. I am in the process myself. You can do this. Be well friend. We have all been through many things with our anxiety. You will be ok.


I appreciate you very much. Thank you!


It passes. It can make you feel sick. Don't worry though you will learn how to manage it. 😏☺this too shall pass.


sunnyg i absolutely understand how you feel! Anxiety and depression can go hand in hand. For me the anxiety totally wears me out! If these are new symptoms see doctor. That gives reassurance that you're not anemic or there is another underlying reason for your symptoms. Many doctors understand anxiety. Some don't and will blow you off. If that should happen find another doctor. good luck to you 🍀


I'm the same, started a year ago feeling sick once a week with hangover feeling all day but last few months I now wake every night sweating feeling sick, mouth tasting horrible, headache, heart palpitations and stomach ache. I don't feel any anxiety though, no bad thoughts and can go straight sleep at night, appetite is fine but seems impossible to put weight on (lost a stone in weight) I've got to see a private gastro as doctors won't refer me to an nhs one but said the private one might refer to nhs after the consultation. I'm taking propranol to stop the heart palpitations which help a lot. Before I took them the sickness was unbearable. I've also got a prescription for sickness pills but not tool them yet.


Yesterday i felt so ill i thought i was gonna die i felt so horrible i always feel like something wrong with my head or head pressure anxiety is a real bi***

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I wonder if we need to go to the doc and get our sinuses checked. Just read an article on how sinus infections can give you head pressure, racing heart, exhaustion, etc without being too stuffed up at all. Worth looking into.


If you are a young gal < 34, hormones play into this sometimes. The hormones wreak havoc in your body and you do get those symptoms. They are not in your head. But they get your attention and for me, flipped me freakin' out. It went on for years. I refused to take medicine. UNTIL an old time doc put me on Inderal. I think it took me months to get up the courage to take the darn pill, until someone said " just take a tiny piece" start there. I liked it. Then I was able to eat more, drink more and go out more so I got distracted. I did get a heck of alot of tests done, because I was SURE it was all physical........all of my tests came out normal.


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