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physical symptoms of anxiety

Hi all just wondered how most people deal with the physical symptoms of anxiety? I know the best thing is to keep busy and try to think of other things exercise etc and doing all that dose help however I get mainly lightheadedness daily also headaches and for the past two months a new one of this weird buzzing in my hands and feet or pins and neddles I suppose you can call it. The problem I find is just coping with this daily? you do kind of start to except it, but its always there and its really hard to take your mind of it? Just wondered how other people deal with this or any advise from anybody with the same symptoms? Thanks

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I've suffered numbness in hands and pins and needles as well as loads of others such as taking a deep breath constantly, fast heart rate, lump in throat, shaking, twitches, trembling, headaches, dizziness, jelly legs, pains, the best thing to do is take your kind off it there's not much else you can do :( meet up with people or see a doc for advise stay strong x


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